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Default help me decide: oly 5060 or fuji s7000

hi--i'm new to digital photography, and i have narrowed it down to these 2. i want a camera that will let me point and shoot, but give me the ability to develop as a photographer.

i like the feel of the fuji, the pop up flash, the interface and the ability to take 5 sequential frames before shutter release. What about the fact, though, that an adapter is needed for filters? is this a big deal? and what of concerns re quality?

the oly seems great, but the menus seem more confusing. it has a swivelling lcd--do i really care? i like the 28mm lens, and the rechargeable battery/recharger that is included. but what about the relatively small aperture at max telephoto?

i do not care about movie ability, or RAW capability. i will typically make prints no larger than 5x7, or 8x10 on rare occasions.

very important to me is a minimal shutter lag, as i will be using it to take pics of cats, kids and skiing. they both use xD cards, which is fine.

they seem to be about the same price--anyone dealt with buydig or beach camera? they seem to have the best balance of price vs. internet hassle.

any thoughts will greatly appreciated.
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I have not used the C5060 but I have had the opportunity to shoot with the S7000. The s7000 did have a good feel in my hands also. It will use Compact Flash cards, XD cards or microdrive. I would opt for the CF over the XD card.

The C5060 will also need an adapter to add lens ( https://emporium.olympus.com/innards...sku=200897-410 ). The swivel lcd is a feature that I really enjoy on my Nikon 5700.

I would prefer the S7000 over the C5060 because I like the extra zoom, the power source is AA batteries, the 6X optical zoom and the quality of pictures is very good.

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I've had the C-5060 for about a day now, and I really love the feel of the camera, the easyness to take pictures and the menus were easy to use.
It's hard to explain how they solved the function to change different things. Like going from AF to Macro. You can go through the menus. Or you press a button and turn a wheel. 2 sec and you are ready for close-ups.
I have tried pictures in a lot of places just to see how it reacts.
Dark corners-no prob. Night shots-very good, but I really need a tripod for the 1 sec shutteropening (or more, feels like forever).
Macro-almost stuck with the things in the lens. Sooo close. 3 cm.

And i should tell you yhat I am not a photographer. This is my first digital camera. It's 10 years since the last time I held an system camera. But I am very pleased so far.
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