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Default Olympus 750 or Pentax 555

I am trying to decide what digital camera to upgrade to (from a Nikon 995) and am trying to decide right now between these two cameras. They seem to have similar features except for the 10x zoom in the 750 of course.

The advantage besides the zoom in the 750 is the ability to use lenses and flashes. I have a Nikon TC-E2 and I think I can use that (with step-down rings) so that is a plus. The 555 has the advantage of being smaller, 5mp, and optical viewfinder.

The 555 would be cheaper because with the 750 I would have to buy a new flash card and reader whereas I already have SD for the 555 because of a PDA.

I'm leaning toward the 750 because if they are both pretty similar at least I have the use of the 10x zoom if I ever need it.

Am I missing something that could help me decide?
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You've covered most of the major differences I think...

The Olympus does have a faster lens (F2.8/F3.7), which will be able to use faster shutter speeds for a given focal length, lighting condition and ISO speed when using zoom (compared to the F2.8/F4.6 lens of the Pentax).

However, the Pentax Optical Viewfinder may be much more useable in low light (sometimes you can't see to frame the subject with EVF's), and it has a Hybrid Focus System, too (wheras the Olympus must rely only on Contrast Detection).

Both models should have significantly higher noise levels than your current Nikon (because of the denser CCD's with smaller pixel pitches in the newer models).

Neither the smaller 1/2.5" 4MP CCD in the Olympus, or the 5MP 1/1.8" CCD in Pentax are going to be very good low light performers at higher ISO speeds (especially when compared to your Nikon, which uses a less dense 3MP sensor).

Smaller, denser CCD's seem to be the current trend in digicams (since it allows manufacturers to build smaller models, using smaller lens designs to get more focal range). However, increased noise is the downside.

There are some feature differences, with some things like Time Lapse Photography making the Pentax appealing (but you may not want/need this feature).

You'll need to decide which one fits you best.
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Jim, thanks for the very detailed comparison. Why don't they make it easy to decide?
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