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Default what cam can i chose


i'd like to buy a digital cam .... i hesitate to buy one of these cams

medion md7425
digital dream quantum 3.2
praktica dcz 3.4
minolta dimage E323

if u could help me to choose between one of them it will be very cool because i didn't find a lot of test for these cams

or if u can advice me another in the same price, it is good too

sorry for my poor english ^^ u could answer in english or in french

tyvm all
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hi gemini! first of all what's the main purpose you'll use your future camera?
I didn't heard about two first brands I know only Praktica(have used their analog camera, have tripod from them and see their digital cameras but wasn't try them).
I'm fun of Minolta so would advice to go with this brand, I'm currently looking for a way to buy Minolta Dimage F200 or Dimage F300 (since they have all manual control I'm looking for and have less or more price I can afford maybe not now but in month or two...).
By the way why did you pick DiMAGE E323? I think it was discontinued for some time ago... why don't you look for other models? I'm currently owner of Dimage X20, it's great point and shot camera and also have very good performance, so if you looking for something like this it would be good choice IMHO, if you like to have more megapixels you can go for Dimage Xt which has same small design and 3mp. I've mainaly choose this camera because they have unique optic system which is hidden from user and would be harder to damage(I have kind of obsession that if I put usual camera into my pocket and accidently switch it lens could be damaged). If you wish to have more manual controls you can always pick something like new Dimage G400 people claim that it's start faster than any other cam avaiable on the market... and it provide photos of good quality(I didn't choose it only because F200 has more manual controls).
You shouldn't also trust my words check reviews for the cameras on
http://www.steves-digicams.com/ BTW here is review for E323
or if you can't find review for some camera you may try to check this link http://www.pharos-search.com/Compute...gital_Cameras/ I've placing there sites which could be helpful in finding right camera.
Also before buying any model check out this site: http://www.pbase.com/cameras you can find sample photos from many cameras which was shot mostly by usual people so would reflect what results could be achieved with particular model.
Hope this would help you a bit. Good luck in picking right camera!
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thank a lot for u help

i wanted tu mur the E323 cause i see it into a shop ^^

i will see for othe model of this brand as u advice me ^^

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I was gonna get the Minolta e323 but ended up getting the Pentax 230 because I got it cheap 100....you can get the Minolta e323 for around 130 and it looks a good camera.

I saw that you can get the Fuji 203 now for as little as 90 which is a great buy....

Don't know anything about the Medion camera...but the Digital Dream and Praktica cameras don't have optical zoom (as far as I know)....pricewise...the Minolta seems the best bet because its reasonably cheap..has 3MP and 3xOptical Zoom....If it was me I'd go for this camera or the Fuji 203 for 90 can't beat these prices.
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