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Imacer Jan 24, 2004 9:27 PM

Raw help
What the heck does raw mean? I am thinking raw meat. :P

slipe Jan 25, 2004 12:06 AM

Better cameras can store the raw data from the CCD without converting it to a standard format like JPG or TIFF. Some raw files are more efficient than others with the good ones taking about 1Mb/Mp. You need something to convert the raw to a standard format. The cameras come with the software to do that and the newest Photoshop will work with some directly.

There are several advantages to raw. A 5Mb (from a 5Mp camera) raw file will convert to a 28.8Mb 16 bit TIFF, so it is the most efficient way to store uncompressed files on the memory card and takes the least time writing a high quality uncompressed file to and from the card.

Settings like sharpness, white balance, saturation, contrast etc are meaningless as you make the adjustments to the raw file in the software just as you would in the camera. So the only camera settings you need be concerned with when shooting are framing, focus and exposure.

It is the best way to extract quality images from a camera but you have to convert the raw files in the computer to a useable format.

eric s Jan 25, 2004 10:38 AM

RAW conversion is not easy, but it's not hard. It's a learned skill, knowing what settings do what. So if you try out using a RAW format, don't expect perfection the first time you try. Try different settings and see what you get. Ask questions here as well.

Also, some RAW formats are compressed. This save space, but is usually much slower (cameras aren't good at compression, they are good at taking picutres.) Try it out, but if its too slow (some take upwards of 40 seconds to write 1 compressed RAW file) see if your camera supports uncompressed RAW.


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