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Default Will this digital camera be as good as present 35mm camera?

Hi to everyone!

I am a complete... In fact I'm not even a newcomer to digital photography. But we've on holiday with my wife's sister and her husband and they have one and it was great to see choosing which photo to keep and to get emails of their pictures.

I don't own one. But my daughter was bought one for her birthday and has said we can have it. It is a 'Konica Digital Revio KD-100'. It has 2 x digital zoom and 1.3 x million pixel CMOS.

What we do have is just an ordinary camera. Uses film. 35mm I think! No zoom.

What ever camera we have we'll won't wanting marvellous results from.

Will this Konica digital camera give us as good photos as our present one? If yes then we'll buy the memory card we need.

If not then we'll think about buying a digital camera. In fact any information, advice you can give will be most welcome.


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1.3Mp is skimpy and digital zoom is useless with it. Using a 2X digital zoom gives you about 0.3Mp, which isnít useful for anything but small e-mails. I donít know what to advise you as I donít know how high your standards are, but 1.3Mp probably wonít give 4 X 6 prints that are as good as your 35mm.

Maybe you could find a 3Mp with a 3X optical zoom with memory on e-bay for a decent price. Even a 2Mp will give decent snapshots. If you find something get back with the model and maybe someone would be familiar with it and be able to give some advice.

Or you could look under 2 and 3 Mp cameras in Steveís reviews ( http://www.steves-digicams.com/hardware_reviews.html ) and look up the prices here: http://www.shopping.com/?drd=1 They often list factory refurbished models.
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I agree with slipe, I would purchase a 2 or 3mp camera with a 3X optical zoom. The digital zoom really adds nothing to photo quality of any camera. Try www.shopping.com for pricing information.
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Slipe & Phill are right: that camera will not match a 35mm. But it should be good enough to make reasonable 4x6" prints if you don't crop much, e.g., don't use the digital zoom.

Since memory is cheap, I'd suggest getting some memory for that camara and start using it. You will learn a lot and be much better able to pick a better camera later. Also the prices will have come down and you will be ready to use it. You can go through the beginner's stumbles (everyone does) for the price of a memory card.

While using the 1.3Mpixel camera, concentrate on learning how to use a photo editor. One of the dirty secrets of digital is that you have to do your own "darkroom" work.
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Bill has a point. A small SD card would be a good way to see if you like digital before jumping into something pricier.

If you live in the US this is about as cheap as you will find a SD card - $22 and free shipping. You wonít need more than 32Mb for a 1.3Mp camera, and I donít think you would want to spend more. http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/Produc...ductCode=82010

Batteries are going to get pricey if you use alkaline or disposable lithium. I have no idea whether alkaline batteries will even fill a 32Mb card but my guess is they wonít. If you find you like the camera you might want to look in Wal Mart for an inexpensive charger with NiMH batteries. You can use the AAs in all sorts of stuff so it wouldnít be a complete loss. And the next step up in digital cameras will likely take AAs.
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