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Originally Posted by slipe
I find TIFF to be impractical for extracting images from a digital camera. If I don’t have raw mode available I just go with the best quality JPG.

In your case you have SHQ JPG which is very good. It is hard to see any difference between SHQ and TIFF.

Once you open an image in an editor you want to “Save as” a TIFF or other uncompressed format. Even SHQ has tiny compression artifacts that will be multiplied by resaving as a JPG. As has been said, there is no advantage to “converting” to TIFF after the camera uses JPG – you just don’t want to “Save” at all (from the original) or “Save as” in JPG again. Saving in an uncompressed format does not further degrade the image at all.

There is nothing wrong with taking the images originally in the camera as a TIFF. It just fills your card and buffer, often slowing the next shot.
Since I got all the great feedback. By leaving the regional pic alone from my camera and the icon of the pic only shows JPEG. By showing the icon as the pitcher will have any effect on the pitcher. Suppose I would have to do a save as copy.
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