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Default More of the "what should I buy" saga

In the on-going saga of “what camera to buy,” I’m struck by certain differences—and lack of differences
—produced by my cameras. The bells and whistles are nice if you have them—and actually use them
—but for a lot of newcomers, simple may be best.

I bought the above Olympus C-1400XL (U.S. version: C620L) five years ago and have used it primarily for
recording my website and local town. It has a 2/3” 1.4Mp CCD, and no manual controls, but it has given me
terrific service for the website, and for occasional small prints.

I recently bought a C-755 and am beginning to do a few tests of the differences between the two cameras.
I’ve noticed that on distant shots, the C755 produces a definite improvement in resolution and color
depth when I enlarge two photographs taken side by side (with settings to produce roughly the same
file size, namely SHQ on the C1400, and HQ on the C755). I do like the addition of the manual controls on
the C-755. But there are tradeoffs. One of the attractions of the C-1400 was its optical SLR viewfinder
that allowed me to see--and thus compose--much more carefully than the EVF on the C-755.
I’ve also discovered that part of my earlier dissatisfaction with printing from the C1400 was due to
an inadequate printer. I had an Epson PM770C, but it never really operated as well as I thought it should.
I recently bought an Epson PM-G800 and tried anew to print out some of my earlier C1400 photos,
and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover how good the shots from a mere 1.4 megapixel camera
can turn out--even when enlarged at A4 size. The following photo was taken at SHQ setting on the c1400:

Baby Preying Mantis on Clematis, Fujino, Japan.
Original file size 838k, zoom at 3.1x (max), spot+macro, 1/233 second f:2.8

I can hardly wait until June to take new pictures of the clematis with the new C-755, just for sake of
comparison, but since it’s winter, I’ll have to be satisfied with dreary stuff like the following grass seed:
(C-755 at HQ)

Original file size: 853k, zoom at 22mm, spot+macro, 1/400 second f:3.2 (ISO 50)
This actually produced really lovely, fine detail in the original, though the reduction in size and
recompression has resulted in a bit of subjective softening. But how much better is this 4MP shot than
one taken with the earlier 1.4MP camera? A comparison yet to do!
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I really have no idea what you are asking but am intrigued because I just moved up from my old olympus D-500 the same camera as your old one except only .7mb

I too was so impressed with that camera I didn't bother upgrading until the Canon Digital Rebel came out and I decided it was finally time. I don't know how much your Olympus originally was but mine was right at $1,000.00 Ironically the same price as the new digital rebel.

That old Olympus took some really great photos, although I don't think I ever achieved any as good as the two you have posted in this thread.

I am looking forward to really getting into my new Dig Reb. So far I have only took about 100 pictures and haven't even had to recharge the battery yet. I know I would have already gone through at least two sets of AAs for the Olympus.

Good luck with whatever you are looking for.

Here is my link I originally came on here with, http://www.stevesforums.com/phpBB2/v...ic.php?t=18881

It might help...someone posted another good link in the discussion if I remember correctly.
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I really have no idea what you are asking
Sorry, I guess that was a bit unclear. I wasn't actually asking anything, just trying to contribute to the recent threads dealing with the perennial "what to buy" question, specifically responding to the assumption that "if a lot of pixels is good, then even lots more pixels must be better."
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