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Default So much fail from Kodak C663

So, I bought a 6mp C663 at my local Wolfe's Camera Shop, due to being on a fire house sale. It uses a proprietary U8 cable to connect to a pc, which was fun finding on Ebay as most people seem to sell standard mini-B cables as U8(which it is not). Anyway, I finally got the right cable, but none of my pcs recognize it.
Now I could get around this if only Kodak's C663 could use standard SD cards. But it can't. Though it takes SD cards, they first have to be formatted from FAT32 to Kodak's special proprietary format(noticing a trend here?) which makes them unreadable to normal SD card readers(plus, you have to get the camera connected to the pc in order to format it).

I'm on XP, so it shouldn't be a driver issue, as XP was the primary OS at the time the camera was made. Anyway, I thought maybe an older version of Kodak's software would work. Perhaps they broke XP in their effort to support Win 7. So I email their support, which to their credit did read the email. And they sent me a link to an older installer. The downside? The old installer is a web installer and their server does not have any of the old versions, making the older web installer totally worthless.

For $35, I'm annoyed. But if I had paid $300 for this a few years ago, I would be incredulous. This is the most dysfunction piece of garbage I've ever owned. Those little keychain cameras are made with more sense than this.

Any ideas here? I'm inclined to think it's hammer time
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While I am not at all familiar with this model, I have used other Kodak cameras, and don't remember them using a proprietary format for the memory cards. They did use FAT16, though, but that should be perfectly readable from a card reader. If your cards are larger than 2GB, though, Windows may not accept FAT16 for them. You probably just need to use the smaller capacity cards.

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I have a C653 and my grandaughter has the C663 I gave her as a gift 7 years ago. I've got a ZD710 and another C433 for my grandson at about the same time.

I think they all have the same cables and I use the old SD cards in my new micro 4/3's. There were no SDHC cards when those cameras were made, so you need the standard SD card. 1 or 2GB is all there was back then. No 4GB or more. It was @'07 when the SDHC became common. The C663 is from @'05. At the time it was a very advanced P&S camera. Like a compact version of the Z612.

The camera doesn't read an SDHC card. Just use an SD card. And it's the old USB 1.0. Just read the card directly. There's nothing in Kodak's software you'd want anyway. It's 7 years old. I deleted all that 5 years ago. I don't even know where the cables are.
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