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Default Minolta Dynax 500si doesn't fire

Hello everyone,

this might be a bit dumb what I'm about to ask but I cannot figure it out myself.

Basically, I just got myself an analogue Minolta Dynax 500si, and paired it up with some Kiron lenses 70-210mm. They are manual focus, but this Minolta has a manual focus option as well.
So, what happens is - when the film is not put on, everything fires great, but once I put the film on (I got some random AGFAPHOTO vista plus 200, it was really cheap in case I ruin it on the start, and already did one without taking any photo, ah well), the camera does pull it properly, and it loads saying on the display that there's a film inside. But, I can't seem to take any photo.! I press the shutter and nothing happens, I can see on the viewfinder the flash indicator keeps flashing, so I pulled it up, I can hear its charging, but it still wouldn't fire. I tried to play around with different settings, got into every possible one, but the camera just wouldn't fire. What am I doing wrong with this.?
Thanks for the help, it's my first ever analogue camera (aside from these cheap cheap ones) so I'm a bit confused.

I know this is a forum for the digital cameras, but just hoping that anyone have experience with analogue ones and just wouldn't turn my problem down

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G'day pp

Steve's is a 'photography' forum - and while 99% of us might be digital users, there is still enough 'film-freaks' around to help out here ~ either we are using film [tho less & less] or just that we're old-blokes who are remembering the old days

I don't know that it's exclusively an 'analogue' problem
The Dynax range [if I recall it correctly] was one of the last camera styles before going 'full-electronic' in all sorts of ways and so I am wondering if the camera is failing to fire because it can't focus or light-meter or something like that

Re-reading your text above, I again ponder as to the 'why?' of it ... Hmmm
Maybe someone else can help with an answer too

Regards, Phil
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Just a long shot- is the drive mode in single shot mode- or burst... which if the flash is up may cause a problem..? Is the camera in a mode (button on the top) which is not compatible with the lens.. i.e macro- or such like...?
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