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Default Best Mode/Setting for indoor swim lessons

Hello everyone, I just got a Cannon 7d a few days ago and this is my first DLSR camera.

I am just trying to learn the basic setting. I only have the standard 28-135 lenses. So, today I am going to take some pictures of my daughters indoor swim lesson at the Y. She is 7.

Therefore, I would greatly appreciate any advice about the mode and best setting to get a couple of descent pictures.

I have read several of the threads here, and I will be trying some of the tips. Thanks!
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Most of the difficulties with pictures in indoor settings revolve around lighting. It is often hard to get sharp images due to the slower shutter speeds needed to get decent exposures. Increasing the camera sensitivity (ISO setting) is often your only resort unless you have a very powerful flash.
Color casts can be a problem with some of the kinds of lighting used in indoor pools, and when there are skylights, these are often tinted.

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A 7D for a "newbie"....!! Very nice...(I'm in the wrong job.....lol...)
Well,one thing's for sure- the camera's perfectly adequate...!!
I'm not sure of the distances you'll be shooting from- and if you're quite distant the lens might be a limiting factor (and is not your typical indoor sports lens...).
Lighting is the most important factor in indoor/sports- however,indoor swim pool/meets are usually very well lit indeed...
With regards settings, I'd be tempted to use shutter priority- with 1/400th sec shutter speed- and select "Auto" iso....
If the pool is really well lit and your daughter is not "filling the frame", maybe dial in +2/3 exposure comp' (not necessary if you're using spot metering as opposed to the usual multi type metering...).
Also,again if your girl is not filling the frame,maybe select center point AF(keeping her in the center of your viewfinder)- though multi area AF should be fine if she is indeed filling up the frame.
Given that the lighting is consistent in such an arena,you could also shoot full manual "M" mode- use again 1/400th sec shutter speed and experiment with various aperture/iso settings, though wide aperture(low "f" numbers) gather most light and high iso numbers improve light sensitivity....
Get to the pool early and experiment first...

Looking again on your post,this is a lesson as opposed to a swim comp'/meet, so you could maybe get away with a slightly slower shutter speed- which would help you with light gathering- say 1/250th to 1/320th....
Hope it goes well for you...
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Hi i would start looking at how much light there is and to be honest i would look at an iso of 800 set it to AV mode and set an aperture of 7.1 and then compose the picture press the shutter half done and look at the shutter speed if its below 1/200 then up the iso more
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