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Default Interchangeability of AC power adapters for digital cameras.

I have two different brands of digital cameras (Minolta & Hewlett-Packard). The HP came with an AC power adapter. Both cameras take a six-volt adapter. The accompanying literature warns about not using an other manufactures unit & states that it will void the warranty (which is moot as the camera is more than a year old & out of warranty). Is it safe to use the HP adapter on the Minolta, or is this just a statement to increase revenue to the company and too make sure that an inferior product is not used? Thank you in advance for input.
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That's probably a standard warning. Although the voltage is the same, is the amperage the same. Strange things can happen if you aren't able to supply enough current.

I have a different sort of problem. I have an Olympus 3020 which uses a 6.5 V adapter. Not a big problem as I have a universal adapter that can be set for 6 or 7 VDC. A half a volt isn't that big of a deal. The problem is that none of the tips that came with the adapter fit the camera properly.
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Yes, I've found they can use some pretty odd sizes, also they can use long versions of the plug. Make sure you check the polarity on the centre pin as well. For most digicams, 2 amps is a safe bet and you might just get away with 1.5 Amps.

The only thing you might possibly get special in a manufacturers digicam power unit, is a zener diode and fuse on the output power line - to protect the camera if the power supply fails and goes high voltage. VOX
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