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Default Getting Started on Canon G16

I just bought a Canon G16. I want to get the most out of it, but I don't know where to start, there's so much functionality. My goal is getting the most beautiful pictures that camera can take. The user guide covers everything, but I need a step-wise plan. Any suggestions, or alternate sources of info?
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The web is full of tutorials/articles/video's etc covering just about any photographic scenario... and the same rules apply to pretty much any camera- not just a G16- though given the G16's full manual/semi auto shooting options, you do have the scope to manipulate things further than a typical "point and shoot"...!

To begin with, just go out and shoot, enjoy yourself and experiment with reckless abandon...
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I would add to Simon's advice - start with one type of shot, such as landscape, portrait, still life, or whatever takes your fancy. Concentrate on that, learning what the controls do, and the differences in using faster and slower shutter, larger and smaller aperture, etc. until you are comfortable with the camera for that type of shooting. You will find that when you change to another kind of shot, the learning will be much easier.

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Try Jeff Wignall's "Exposure Photo Workshop".

It favors the use of liveview cameras where the white balance and exposure are visible.

His approach makes it easy to learn the menu system of the camera while you are learning to understand exposure at the same time.

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Thanks to all of you. My pure point and shoots have made me a simpleton, but I'm willing to take a step back to move forward. I am trying all of your advise, and that book by Wignall seems to be exactly the sort of information I'm looking for.
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