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Default A (silly) Question About Photo-editing!

Well it's not silly really ! I do very little editing - I am an elderly film-user really, so I try to get it right before I press the shutter. However I use a very cheapie PhotoImpact XL SE software that has always sufficed for my needs; but yesterday I found an old beach-scene from Spain which was very under-exposed but when I brightened it up it was beautiful, but was marred by an intrusive blue litter-bin on the sand. I managed to use the selection tool around it but as soon as I released the left mouse button the selection frame disappeared.

In spite of all my efforts nothing would lock it on so that I could use the 'Delete' button to erase it (which I'm sure always worked before) but no combination worked. I am sure the younger brains on this topic will be able to help. All advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm only a couple of years behind ya. I use Zoner Photo Studio. I'm not familiar with Photo Impact. But, if it has a Clone tool, that would be my weapon of choice. I think the way you're attempting a fix may leave a gapping white space where the bin was and you would have to fill it in with the Clone tool anyways. Most photo editors have a Clone tool. Just have to find it.
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Which selection tool were you using? IIRC, there is a sidebar to select either the cursor, or several selection tools. (rectangular, oval, circular, etc.) (I use the full version of PI, so some of the tools may be different)
I believe Gary is right, though, that you will have to select the clone tool from the menu sidebar. Pick a brush size, select a spot of sand, and then click over the object you want to brush out. Do it on a copy of your original so if you make a mistake, you haven't destroyed anything.

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