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Default Help for detailed pics

Hello. I'm trying to decide what camera to purchase that will take good photos of small items such as jewelry that I can sell online. I tried my friends HP Photosmart 735, I couldn't get decent pics of smaller objects and boy it ate up battery life bigtime. I've been reading about the fuju finepix a205 that at 2mp, takes "great photos" and at a great price. I don't want to spend over 220.00 and I don't think I'll need over a 2 or 3 megapixel camera. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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I think your best bet is a member of the Nikon Coolpix line--at your budget, you should look at the Nikon Coolpix 2100 ($199, seen on sale for $179), or, if you can swing it, the Coolpix 3100 (list is $299). Both have outstanding macro modes that will allow you to get very close to your subject.

Keep in mind though that the camera isn't everything. Jewelery is very difficult to photograph because of the highly reflective surfaces. The most important thing is learning about and experimenting with lighting for shots like that.
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Zal hit it on the head...LIGHTING

you can have the best camera in the world and unless you have the object properly lighted you won't get good results.

Something as simple as a with piece of paper curled/curved to offer a base and back drop can do wonders on an overcast day.

Look for some post by a Mr. Saginaw (or something very familiar, I am going from memory) and he has some remarkably clear pics of small items and he even displayed his setup.
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Good lighting, the right backround and some macro lenses might help. I played with this a couple of years ago with some interesting results.See below..

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Here's the thread PK was talking about:


And PK is right... LIGHTING! I never use my built in flash. Always bounce the flash off of something.. You need the ability to get a diffuse even lighting...

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