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Default Resolution/Compression Question

Have new Canon A75. Which combination of resolution and compression will serve me best?

1. 2048X1536 Resolution @ Fine compression (middle of 3 levels)

2. 1600X1200 Resolution @ Super Fine Compression (least compressed of 3 levels)

Both combinations yield files just a bit under 1 Mb. What combination would you recommend that I use?
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I would recommend that you shoot at the highest resolution always. That way, you can get the best possible print after any cropping that you do. It's always better to decrease the image size than to increase it with regards to image quality.
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I agree with ohenry - shoot at the highest resolution and lowest compression (largest file size) unless you have a very good reason to do otherwise. Memory is cheap.

But in sometimes you don't have enough memory - no matter how much you have - so it is worth doing some experimenting to figure out what works best. Keep in mind is what you are going to do with the images when make your comparisons. If you are going to be printing at 4x6", make your comparisons between 4x6" prints - not on the basis of your computer screen. If you are going to make 8x10" prints you can print a quarter of the image and print at 4x6" to keep the print costs down.

If you have to shoot at less than best quality very often, you really need to get more memory.
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The choice of using the higher resultion is the best you can do.
Please keep in mind that there is a color sub sampling (!) and the highest available quality mode doesn't gain much. Actually it doesn't fit together with clr sub sampling.
The higher (chrominance) resolution is most effective when you do a print.
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