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This may be a silly question but I'm just about to buy a digital camera (probably Nikon 3700) and I was asked this the other day...

What happens on holidays when you can't download onto your PC? Do you spend lots on more storage cards? Take a laptop with you?? What does everyone do??

Thanks for any replies.


Adelaide S.A.

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I'm in a similar situation, looking for storage for a 4 week New Zealand holiday. Monolta A2 8mp camera eats ram...

Answers I've found - with my thoughts:

Take a lot of memory, ebay it when you get back. Depending on resale possibly the cheapest long term option with highest start up cost.

Take a laptop. I dont own one, dont want to buy one, dont want the risk and hastle of carting one round with me.

Get your mem cards burned onto CD where your holidaying. I looked at this in NZ and it IS an option. Most camera shops will do this at a cost ($25nz for 256mb+) I canculated at least 8 of those 'visits' would be needed so it doesnt in the end work out cheap.

Buy some sort of portable storage. Theres quite a few options here.

CD burner $150 (US price I think , I from UK). cheap media, but only 800mb each, can be used as USB cd-burner and card reader.

HDD storage. from $85 (no hdd) upwards, some with Leds, LCD's, full pic screens, TV out, MP3 playing etc. I'll probably go for this. Get a cheap xs drive II from here : http://www.compgeeks.com/details.asp?invtid=VP-2060 ($79) and get a 10-20gig HDD from ebay. HDD needs to be partitioned and formated then installed so not for a non tech type, pre-installed HDD versions are not a lot more.

Steve's has some reviews of these devices online.

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Old May 5, 2004, 8:25 AM   #3
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thanks mate. not in a rush but will test those options. have a great time in nz - you'll love it. there's a restaurant in whitianga bay called 'on the rocks'. if you're passing by treat yourself....

and you'll love rotorua and moon craters...

daniel, adelaide.

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The portable hard disk solution seems the best to me, but it isn't perfect. One thing to watch out for is that they seem to only have the battery life to transfer about 4-5G of data. So you can put a big disk in it, but be aware that you'll have to charge it to get more than that much into it. (For many, this isn't an issue, but for some it is.)

Personally, I have a decent laptop that I use, but I also don't take weekend trips backpacking into the mountains.

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Old May 6, 2004, 7:23 AM   #5
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Another option is to spend a little time each evening reviewing your photos. Even on your LCD you should be able to decide which ones you want to keep. I kept 15 from a two week trip to Spain, just tidying up as I went along.

Regards, Graham.

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If you will be traveling "in style", then by all means take a laptop (with a CD burner on it) and edit/burn your photos to CD as you go.

If going "light", chatwith a local sales person (who has PC with media reader and a CD burner) at a photoshop and offer them a few $$ to burn some CDs for you.

Alternatively, take a laptop card that will read your media and "borrow" a laptop to burn CDs of your photos.

Lastly, get a boatload of your media and burn it all when you get home!

P.S. If you do burn to CD, make two copies and mail one back home so the blokes know what you have been doing! (This also gives up a backup if CDs you keep with you are lost on your trip).
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