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Just returned from my first "field trip" with new Canon A80. Was about 2 miles into a 6 mile loop when I had a power failure. Somewhere I had read that 4 AAA Ni-MH batterys would be good for around 300 shots. I forgot of course to consider all the playing around I had done with the camera prior to going out. So now I know.

My questions are: Do Ni-MH batteries have a memory, or can they be charged any time?

Do these batteries discharge while not in use? (I'm sure they have to lose some power, but how fast?)

If I can charge when not fully discharged, then I plan to start each trip with two fully charged sets + some alkalines just in case. If I have to fully discharge - then I'm screwed.

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Bear in mind that brand new NiMH batteries need to be cycled (used and recharged) about four times before they hold a maximum charge. NiMH type batteries do suffer from a pretty heavy "air discharge" factor - if they sit for a month they are pretty well drained. It's best to use a smart charger like the Maha C-204F or the C401FS, just leave a set on hot standby (trickle) and put them in the camera just before you need them. :-D

See our NiMH battery page for lots of batteries and chargers:


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