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I am looking to buy my first digi camera.I need a camera that takes good indoor pics and has ashort shutter lag ( i will take pics of kids). I have used my father's Olympus stylus and have been disapointed by the indoor pic quality, i really need something better. After reading the reviews on several sites i arrived at the following shortlist:

Nikon Coolpix 4300 (really liked the handgrip)

Canon A80 (read quite a few complaints about red eyes)

Sony DSC V1 - significantly more expensive (about 170$ more + more expensive memory) but still easy to use and seems to take good indoor/low light pics.

so i guess that my question is whether to spring for the Sony or is one of the first two good enough indoors ? (by good enough i mean pics that are not blurred and/or toograiny, pics that clearly show the kid's expression, but not profesional shots)

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My "standard" advice to all first time buyer/users is this:

P&S (point and shoot) cameras all come up short in 2 key areas.

1) You will experience "shutter lag" i.e the time it takes for your camera to focus, take the shot, process the data and get ready for the next shot. This applies to ALL cams, some more than others. there IS A DELAY that you have to learn to compensate for.

2) The built in flash on nearly all P&S is effective out to about 10-12 feet then fall off is very rapid. Also if it does not have a "pre-focus assist" feature, the camera will "hunt" to get focused in dim light.

3) Smaller cameras have smaller lens and less capability.

Remember even if you zoom in, the dim light (not what YOU see, but what the CAMERA sees) is the important factor.

Generally I shy away form recommending any certain brand, but I can promise you that the Kodak 6490 is one that you will keep for many years to come. Why??

Good lens, good resoultion, reasonably fast processing, easy to read menus, and excellent quality shots.

There's probably a few dozen considerations but I consider these as very important.

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I like the Fuji S7000.

Good flash, no redeye
Fast shutter
Good 6Xzoom
A lot of manual controls
Very good images

I tried the Sony your listing and it just didn't fit right when you put the flash up its kind of akward to hold but the photos were good.
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