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Hi all,

i'm a newbie in the digicam world. I would like to buy a good, small digicam for this summer (because I will travel a lot! :-) ).

So after many hours reading reviews of digicams on the Net, I selected 5 cams :

-Canon SD410 (Ixus 430 in Europe)
-Canon A80 (or A75, maybe?)
-Panasonic DMC-FX1
-Sony DSC-W1
-Sony DSC-P93

I'm looking for a small cam, with a good image quality, a good movie mode and if it's possible, some manual settings (but a good point-n-shoot mode is mandatory as i'm a newbie uin photography). As i'm a Mac user (iBook G4 800), it could be a good point to have Mac friendly softwares!!!

In my selection, I particularly like the sony DSC-W1 because of its image quality, its compacity, its very good movie mode, its USB2 connection and its (limited) manual mode (and it uses AA battery, which is also a good point!).

Can you help me in my choice and tell me what you think of my selection. if you think that others cams can be a good choice tell me!

Sorry for my english, i'm a french student, and my english is far from being as good as I would desire.
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Zaack -

First of all - you're "English" is pretty Darned good.

Be careful of giving the "video" feature too much value. After you use it once or twice, you will see that the quality is terrible !!

Also it eats up memory very quickly - then you need to either erase you card or buy spares.

I suggest that the "real" importance is the best lens (thats where it all starts) if you do not have good glass then you are already starting to lose quality.

Anything over 3.2 megapixels will give good quality prints.

If it feels good "in hand" then you will always feel comfortable and more natural when you shoot.

There are many, many other factors but this is a start -

Good Shooting !!
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I have to dissagree a bit on the video thing.

When I bought my digicam, I made sure it can make VGA video quality clips.

The kidslovethe videoclipsand the quality isgood.Just make sure the camera canvideo at 640x480 at 15fps or 30fps.

Videoclips will typically be only a few seconds long , because they eat memory real fast. So a digicamis no video camera.

More important than video is the lens.
I think that the optical zoom is very important. The more the beter. 3x optical zoom is not that great, so if possible get a camera with more optical zoom.

Digitall zoom is somthing you never use, its the optical zoom that you will need.

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Old Jun 5, 2004, 3:24 AM   #4
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style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000" A6o CANON

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"use it learn it 6 months a year sell it but something more like digital SLR.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"A60 does it all manual cheap bbatteries cheap memory..buy refurbished.125 dollars most

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"stay away from the movie trap..not good but ok for a pinch.

MAC friendly..

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Old Jun 6, 2004, 9:27 AM   #5
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thanks a lot for your answers!!!

Now, I think I will buy a digicam with manual settings because a point-n-shoot digicam will be too limited if I want to do some good photos in the future.

About the video mode, I know I should not choose the digicam just on this feature but it remains a important point for me to do small clips.

So I do hesitate between :

-Sony DSC-W1 (bad point nly some manual settings)
-Sony DSC-V1 (A quite too big for my pocket!)
-Canon A80 (negative : USB 1.1, video mode, lcd too small)
-Fuji Finepix F710 (negative : price, quality image?)

and, in case I finally choose a point-n-shoot digicam :

-Canon sd410
-Panasonic DMC FX1

For you which digicam will best correspond to my attempts (small, good image, manaul settings, good video, USB2, AA battery, good LCD)


-- ZaAcK77
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What about the nikon coolpix 3700.

Compact, good quality pics and good movie...

Good luck!
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