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Default Info overload - need advice!

I need advice about which compact camera to buy for my father who loves to take pictures but he is not a photographer. He takes a lot of indoor & low light photo's of family and exhibits as well as panorama shots of his trips. The ideal camera would be a point & shoot but have an optical viewfinder, at least a 3x lens, fast shutter, takes crisp, clear shots and is fairly intuitive as far as menu navigation and computer downloads. I have looked at Canon 330S, Casio Exilim, Casio QVR4, Minolta Dimage X, Olympus Camedia D40, Pentax Optio 430 and the Sony P-9. I suffer info overload. I hope that someone with more knowledge and experience can help me to at least prioritize which of the cameras would be the best choice or perhaps suggest something better. Features, benefits and quality is my primary concern. The cost is a secondary consideration. All suggestions and advices is appreciated.
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Default Which camera?

In today's market, I would not purchase a camera that is less than 4 meg pixel, 3x optical lens. Read Steve's review on which camera's you think you might like to buy. Then go to Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA and look at the cameras. Then purchase the camera on the web. The previous vendors sell their cameras for 25% to 40% above many web prices.
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For indoors, look for a camera with a large apeture (low f/ number) and little noise. The widest angle is likely to be the most usefull indoors as well, though nothing goes shorter than 28mm equiv. At wide angle, the "tunnel" viewfinder in many cameras works very well.

If by low light you mean flash, get a camera with an external flash capability. All of the built in flash units are junk - some worse than others, but none good.

The thing that is likely to drive your father nuts in any of the under US$2000 cameras is the shutter lag. A half-pressed shutter release deals with most of that, but it does take a while to get used to it.

They all work as in a point-and-shoot mode.

How does your father do with a computer? One dirty little secret of digicams is that you have to do the "dark-room" work yourself with a photo editor. You don't really have to learn how to use PhotoShop (though is is worth the effort), but you do have to be able to do simple editing.
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Default Comparison between Canon and Pentax

Click on the link below, and find a crude comparison between Canon Ixus and Pentax Optio.
Hope this helps.

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Have you thought about the Kodak 4 megapixel with a docking station? I bought a Kodak for my dad because he is not computer friendly. He takes the pictures, puts the camera in the docking station, pushes the button and his pictures are automatically downloaded to the computer. (By the way, I had to go over to his house two times to show him the button again.) Then the docking station charges the battery. It's supposed to be easy for those who don't want to spend a lot of time learning more techniques.

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Not to be disloyal to Steve, but one way to cut the confusion is to go for one of IR's choices. Dave sorts them by category, so you can narrow it down some:


You may not get the VERY best solution, but you can be comfortable that you're not WAY off the mark.
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