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Default S 30 or S 40 Canon ??

Usually you can read they are quite the same. But reading carefully the review on image ressource.com shows other differences. I don't really nead an other 1 mega pixel since I don't print much in large.
But the price difference (here, in france) is not too big ( 80$ only).
Wich one has the better Image quality ??
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The more pixels the better the image quality although doubt if you will notice unless making 8x11 enlargements.
I bough an S30 vs S40 only because you can puch the film speed to 800ASA vs 400 for the S40. You might want to consider putting any extra money into as large a flash card as you can afford since (in my opinion) all pictures should be taken at max reslution or pixel count to get the qulity the camera is capable of providing.
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The S40 is discontinued by the manufacturer,
after going thru the specs, i found that most of the features were identical (including the weight), except the extended ISO rating from 400 to 800, and the Sensor pixel.
you decide what kind of picture quality in terms of enlargements etc are you interested in and buy accordingly.
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Default I chose the S 30 but...

I worring about the night shot i did last night because they are numerous artifacts, i don't know if the settings matter. I think that maybe i should return the camera

here the picture i took ( 500ko)
here's the detail of the picture: (sorry it's in french)
Nom du fichier sur l'ordinateur
Nom du modèle de l'appareil
Canon PowerShot S30
Date/heure de prise de vue
18/09/2002 20:56:42
Mode de prise de vue
M ( Exposition manuelle )
Tv ( Priorité vitesse )
Av ( Priorité d'ouverture )
Mode de mesure
Moyenne des mesures à prépondérance centrale
Sensibiltié ISO
7.1 - 21.3mm
Zoom Numérique
Taille de l'image
Qualité de l'image
Off (éteint)
Balance des blancs
Mode autofocus
Collimateur autofocus
Contraste Normale
Netteté Normale
Saturation des couleurs Normale
Taille du fichier
Numéro de série
Mode d'entraînement
Fonctionnement du retardateur
Nom du propriétaire
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ISO 200 in low light is going to produce noise. Maybe a lower ISO?
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