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I'm new to the boards and I am wanting to purchase a new digital camera. The one that is top on my list right now is the Olympus 8 megapixel 8080, I was hoping I could get some help from some people here at the board.

I currently am using the Fuji Finepix 3800. At first I was really pleased with the quality of the pictures, but lately I just think that all the pictures I am taking have turned out really bad. I know that there is quite a big jump in the megapixels from my fuji to this olympus, has anyone used the Fuji camera and the Olympus and if so, is there a great difference in the pictures?

Second, I will mostly be taking pictures of parades and night shots. I read through the full review on the site, but I don't really understand how fast these pictures are. I will be taking pictures of moving things as well as many animals, so it is important that I am able to capture pictures fast, I see that the camera starts very quickly, which is a big plus. But right now my camera is really slow and it really bugs me because it is so slow, I take pictures of a parade and I can only get one picture of the float without missing the next one. As far as animals go I will have a really good shot, but by the time the camera takes the picture the shot is already gone. So speed is also very important to me.

Third, as I mentioned above I will be taking a lot of pictures as night. I was told my fuji would take really good pictures at night, because it has the nightshot, but all the pictures I have taken have a complete yellow-tint and they come out looking terrible. A lot of the night shots will be of fireworks, I was wondering if anyone has used this camera to take pictures of fireworks and if so, how is the quality?

Finally, I was just wondering what the quality of the movie mode was. My current camera runs movies fairly good, but I would assume this one would be better. I know with a lot of digital cameras the movie mode is real jerky, but 15 frames per second sounds pretty good. This is not a big issue to me, I was just wondering.

Thanks for all of your help, I hope to be getting my camera real soon :|

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The Nightshot mode is for capturing a picture of someone in the foreground illuminated by the flash, then the shutter stays open a little longer afterwards to capture the scenic background of like a well-lit city landscape.

With the C-8080 you can set it to use a higher ISO speed and I would highly recommend the purchase of the FL-50 flash. It isn't cheap but it is powerful and it will light things up a LOT farther away than the builtin popup flash. The camera itself will cycle quite fast if you use one of the newer high-speed CF cards (Sandisk Ultra, Lexar 45x, Transcend 45x, etc). The use of an external flash will also speed up the cycle time as the flash will use its own batteries rather thandraw from the camera's main battery. It will also be advisable to use manual focus and pre-focus the camera at a given "target" distance -- otherwise the auto focus will do a lot of hunting and quite often fail to lock which will keep you from getting the shot. Low-light auto focus is the biggest cause of shutter lag (delay) and lost pictures.

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