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Maybe I should have tried this question here first instead of at the Nikon digital SLR forum.

I need help choosing :?
1) Nikon D70 or D100

2) Purchasing kit (with lens) or just the body.

I already have a Nikon N70 and several lenses for it , left over from an N50 (I think) thatI had before. The lenses are the Nikkor AF 70 -210 mm1:4-5.6, AF 35 - 70 mm 1:3. 3 - 4.5 , AF 50 mm 1:1.8 and a Kenko N-AFd 2x teleplus.

I'd like to buy a Nikon sinceI already have these lenses (and hope that they will all work with the digital SLR)
I don't think I'm a novice at taking pictures since I started with manual 35mm cameras and light meters 30+ years ago. But I'm a long, long way away from being any kind of an authority. I currently have an Olympus C - 2100 Ultra Zoom, whichI have used for the past 3 years or so (and despise the viewfinder). Most of the pictures that I take are of wildlife (mostly birds), but would also like to help my wife unload some of her huge collection of figurines on E-Bay (soI would like to take close ups as well).
I'm wondering ifitwould befoolish of me to consider spending the extra money on the D100and using the lensesI already have ?

Would the lens that comes in the D70 kit be a better investment than buying the D100?

Should I just buy the D70 body and use the lenses that I already have?

One last question - are the prices likely to come down much before the fall when I'll get to go on vacation and do most of my wildlife photography?

Of course I wonder if somthing much better will come out next year and I'll be saying -I should have waited - but somthing better always does anyway.


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