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Default Best Digital for picture reproduction in a Newsletter

I am looking into buying a Digital camera to be used at meetings. The pictures are to be used in Newsletters. They will be printed out on a 1200 dpi laser printer with 70dpi. I am not sure what to look for. I need to be able to take alot of pictures. It has been recommended that I buy a Minolta Dimage or a Kodak (Dock??) Optical Lens? Compact/slash card, memory, I started researching the internet but am more confused now than before I started.:
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If it is for web or most publications you have to decide what picture size you will use most.

Even at 2MP you can have really sharp 640x480 pics and can go higher if needed or wanted.

Another thing is cost. Just like in all consumables there are cameras for all target demos, so what you want to spend is a very large factor.

Battery type, low light focus, add on lenses., large mem card, microdrive use, case, etc., are all additional things to factor in.

Who is the main user? If you have execs, directors, ludite, or some other nightmare using the camera, get the most simple, no option, point and shoot digital. *grin*

Let us know what your price range is and we can go from there.

This is also a common question. In the three or so months I have posted here this is almost a daily question, so look over old posts too or search.

Good luck with the digicam hunt. It will be worth it.
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Default Best Camera

The best camera should start with a 3 mega pixel or greater. 4 mega pixel cameras are selling for less than $400 on the web. Choose a camera that can shoot black and white photos, almost all do. Read reviews in Steve's reviews. Go to local retailer to look at the cameras. Kodak, Dimage, Olympus, Nikon all have great cameras. I am an Olympus fan but that does not make them best camera for your needs.
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Since you will be shooting indoors, look for cameras that have an external flash connection - the built in flash on all cameras (digital and chemical) are junk. Some worse than others, but the best are only just barely worth having.

Since you might not be able to use a flash in all situations, look for a camera that works well in low light conditions. That means low noise, large aperture (low f/number), and good low-light focus ability. You will need the low-light focus ability with flash as well.

The kind of memory is not important - they all work just fine. But you will want a *lot* of it. More than you ever thought you would need.
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