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I'm getting the impression that the Olympus C-5000 may be a decent camera, but it has some drawbacks that may be important to me. I realize that the C-5060 is likely a way-better camera than the C-5000, but I can't afford the C-5060.

I thought I wanted a camera that could be point-and-shoot and also manual. The Olympus C-5000 seemed like the cheapest choice in this regard. But, one of the biggest reasons I want the camera is for outdoor shots. The Steve's review indicates horizontal banding in the sky on outdoor shots. Another problem seems to be that the C-5000 may be a little slow when you are trying to capture impromptu shots. I can't tell how much of a problem this would be for me, but impromptu and outdoor shots would probably be my two biggest uses, with the odd "posed" shot thrown in. I guess I would also like to be able to zoom, but I've read that digital zoom is not good and should just be turned off, anyhow. ...

So, my bottom line is that if outdoor shots are important to me and I can't go more expensive than the C-5000, should I go for a purely point-and-shoot (maybe the D-580) for better image quality? If you had to choose purely based on image quality for outdoor shots, would you choose the C-5000 or the D-580? Does having the option of manual controls make-up for any loss in outdoor image quality?

Any thoughts you may have on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
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