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Default Help choosing

Hi I am a make-up artist looking for a digital camera and can't decide. Most importantly the colors must be true, easy to handle and reasonable.

I have checked out
Minolta Dimage F100
Minolta Dimage S304
Konica KD400Z

I will be printing photos up to A4 size.

Help me decide.
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Default True colors

If your demands are high regarding accurate color and look you may be disappointed with most P&S consumer cameras. A minor problem may be that most entry level consumer cameras tend toward high color saturation. Not a huge problem as it can be corrected in post production. The big problem will be flash as none of these cameras is made for an external flash. Using the internal flash, particularly for head shots, will give a very flat and harsh look. You'll find the pictures won't look like you expected as the flash illuminates differently than the room light you composed the shot with.

One solution is to use existing light but you'll find this takes extremely bright light unless you use a tripod and long exposures. High wattage halogen lights can do this fairly well. One advantage is you get more of a "what you see is what you get" shot with fewer suprises.

Flash can be made to look natural but it takes an off camera flash. I prefer to use a dual head flash so I can bounce light off the ceiling while a secondary flash tube aims directly at the subject for fill and catchlight. This gives you more flexibility but adds complexity and is probably best with a camera designed for an off camera flash.
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That's good advice, but another problem will be printing. Colourwise It can sometimes be very difficult to get your printer to print as you see it on the screen and takes a lot of experimentation and even then a good match is difficult. Having said all that I'm usually quite happy with the skin tones from my epson; I find greens most troublesome - rather weak.
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have you look at the S404 instead of the s304
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