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Default HELP! I'm going nuts trying to choose a digital camera!

I am driving myself absolutely nuts researching and trying to decide on a digital camera to purchase. Can you help at all? I've spent nearly 3 weeks shopping and online researching and price-shopping! Everyone recommends a different camera!

I'll be a first time digital camera user. But I don't want to have to upgrade to a better model. I want a decent zoom, great resolution, 3 or 4 megapixal camera. That is USER-FRIENDLY and I don't have to carry the manual with me everywhere! I won't be printing out shots larger than 5x7, 4x6 most of the time. But I want the better picture quality that comes with a 3 or 4 mp camera. I don't care about size, within reason! It doesn't have to be tiny and lightweight. Price range up to $600. Zoom is important, would like something around the 100-115 comparison with 35mm.

These are the cameras recommended:

Canon G2 (I'm afraid it might be a little TOO much camera for me)

Sony DSC S75 (both Best Buy and Circuit City recommended this one)

Sony DSCF 707

Canon S40

Canon S30

Toshiba PDR-M71 or M65

Olympus 720 (Comp USA recommended this camera)

Pentax Optio 430 (a large camera shop in St. Louis recommended this camera)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Keep me out of the loony bin! I'm making this decision SOOOOO much harder than it should be! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Default Best Camera

Everyone likes the camera they have learned to use. I have Olympus C4040 and love it. The best thing about the camera is my wife can take pictures with it. She is somewhat technically challenge (she does not want to read the manual and she only wants to push one button). The Olympus 720 has the same tpye of operating features as the Olympus 4040. The 4040 has one of the best lens for low light picture shooting. The 730 should be released in mid October which has some new features over the 720 (maybe not enough for the price difference). The great feature of Olympus C series cameras is that they all operate the same (or nearly so).
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The thing is....there is no 'right,' answer to this question.

You have the two major items you need down, which is budget and what you are going to shoot most often.

At those lower print sizes a 2MP camera will be good enough, since the extra detail and MP allows for clear larger size prints, but at smaller sizes you won't see a difference.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed or confused by the various opinions and possible models I would suggest the following.

1) Head to a retail store, so you can see, feel, and handle the cameras. You will find that some models will be eliminated right away because they don't feel right, are too bulky, feel cheap, etc.

2) Get your list of choices down to about 2-4 models.

I like the Canon S40 in the list and would also suggest looking at the Nikon Coolpix 4500.

3) After you have the 2-4 models you like, then read reviews on those cameras and based off your in store review, pick one.

4) Research online and buy online if you are ok with online retail.

What it comes down to is no matter what camera you pick it will most likely work well for your needs and provide good photos.

I'm parital to Canon and Nikon based on reputation, optics, and their overall quality and engineering.

I hope this helps a little.
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I've done a lot of researching and footwork 'handling' the cameras. As far as use, I will be taking basic shots, indoor, outdoor, family, scenery etc, nothing for professional use.

I was down to 4 models, until people confused me even more! I'd like to stay under $600 and plan to buy online as prices are significantly lower.

I'd be more than happy to send someone/ANYONE the money if you'd buy the camera and mail it to me.
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I as a newbie may be able to help. My wife, who is more tecnical the me, has a canon s110 I can't figure the thing out. I got a Nikon 885. It is 3 MP has 3x zoom can be used as a fully automatic or fully manual camera. You can buy screw on telephoto lenses to add to the zoom. Best of all the menus are really easy to understand. It also has a feature that allows you to make a smaller copy of each photo right in the camera for emailing... Good luck, Roy
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look at these dimage S404 dimage F100 and Fuji S602. Also look at http://www.buydig.com and http://www.dbuys.com you will save there and they are ok to deal with. also Http://www.bhphoto http://www.adorama.com http://www.17streetphoto.com stay away from circuit city and best buys they charge too much and you will have sales tax too.
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Default DigiCam Choice

There certainly is a vast choice of camera's and deals out there. I am in a happier position as I have narrowed to the 2 choices: dimage f100 vs. Canon S30. I love the Dimage and want to buy this one but am still very concerned about the difference in low light performance compared with the S30. the only other concerne I have is the vunerability of the lens etc. on the f100 as it does not have a cover similar to the S30. I would really appreciate any comment on users experience with either. rikster, have you used the f100? what are your thoughts?
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I like the sony 707 (best lens)but I don't like the size and memory stick. Your best bet is the G2, very good camera and afordable and use the popular CF card. You can get it for $585 plus $12 shipping from videodirect.com...
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Default Research Canon G2

I've never used the Canon G2 myself, but the specs. and the online reviews give an idea how good the camera is, and would fall in the specified price of $600.

The more you dig deep, the more you'll be confused.
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