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Hi everyone,

I just purchased a canon powershot S60. I have two questions

1) Should a buy a normal SD card or buy the Ultra II, will ultra decrease the write times

2) The S60 comes with 3 types quality which are

Superfine 2.4MB

Fine 1.4MB

Normal 695KB

I am going to be using the pics to print 5x7 size prints maybe some 8x10's, so the question is what quality should I use.

I am a total newbie, please help.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
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First of all, do NOT buy any type of SD Card. SD stands for Secure Digital. It's a small footprint card used by many newer models.

SD is NOT compatible with your Canon S60. Your Canon uses CompactFlash Type I or Type II.

Personally, I've had good luck with Lexar's CompactFlash cards, in camera's I've owned using CompactFlash media. However, many brands will work fine. You may want to check with users in the Canon Forum, to see what works for them.

As for Image Size, I always shoot at the highest resolution my camera supports. You never know when you'll want to print at larger sizes. Also, the extra resolutiongives you a little room for cropping if you're not going to be printing as large.

As for JPEG Compression Quality, each user will have their own preferences. Many prefer to shoot at the highest quality for all photos. Personally, I switch back and forth (shooting at Normal Quality for snapshots in restaurants, etc., when I know I won't need to print the images at a larger size).

However, Memory Card space is inexp1ensive, so I wouldn't try to cut corners too much if I were you. Again, you may take a photo that you are proud of, so you want to have the best quality available for printing.

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Old Jul 9, 2004, 8:55 AM   #3
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Thanks for you help, i looked in the canon section and did not find any post on the cards, i have yet a nother question, should i buy the ultra card which the sales rep says is faster or just the normal card.

Plus how many pics will one fully calrged battry give, i use a lot of previews of pics after i take them, if the camera can give me about 60 pics with a full charge then maybe i donot need an extra battry.

thanks again

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The ultra card is faster. Do NOT pay extra for the 12x card
or the 20x cards the speed difference is NOT noticable. The
Ultra and Ultra II can give a marked speedup in some cameras.
HOWEVER I'm not sure that your camera can take advantage of
the speed. Anyone know for sure?

I would recommend SanDisk cards.

As for size - I'd capture at the highest resolution and put in
a 128MB Compact Flash at least. That should allow you to
capture 50 shots without reloading. Look for them on sale,
these are going cheap nowadays, so buy two.

Your camera should be able to handle up to a 1GB card.
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Old Jul 9, 2004, 9:26 AM   #5
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Buy a larger slower card.

You won't notice the difference while shooting photos, but transferring them to the pc just takes a little bit longer, but only ifyou compare using a fast USB 2cardreader. If you use the camera to transfer the pictures, theres no noticeable diference at all.

usually the bigger card is the better option.

And always shoot in the best and largest mode. You will be kicking yourself if you won't later, because you cant print that perfect shot you took as large as you wantet, due to the smaller resolution/lower quality

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Old Jul 11, 2004, 4:24 PM   #6
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thanks a lot for all ur help..

need some moreadvice though....

i am trying to get a 1 GB card from Viking, my question is does tha brand of card matter...

thanks a lot...

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