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Default Indoor background shots dark and blotchy

I have an older model Sanyo digital camera, VPC-X350.
I have had it since 1999, it gives fairly good pictures for a camera under 1 mp.
The problem I have always had is when taking flash pictures inside like at christmas time, etc.
If I am taking a group of people, the ones closest to the camera are ok, but the people in the background are somewhat dark and there faces are blotchy.
If there is something dark like a brown couch or a black recliner they show up also not as black or brown, but blotchy, the best I can discribe it.
Peoples faces in the background are hard to recongnise even if I try to edit the photo using MGI Photo Suite 4, all that seems to do is make the picture brighter but worse.
Outside pictures are good, is it because I have such a small flash? This camera has a very small flash window, like 1/4"x1".
I hope someone can help with this problem, it is hard to discribe, almost have to see a picture to know what I am discribing.
Thanks for any help you can give.
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My old cheapo digicam used to do as you describe.

Two things here. The flash on your camera probably is a low power cheapo job. The problem with flash or really light is the way it travels. Light intensity fades quickly. It is inverslely proportional to the square of the distance in other words double the distance and quarter the intensity. If the camera exposes for the people forward then the others at the back will be badly exposed especially on a cheap/camera flash outfit.

This can be overcome to some extent with good tilting head flash guns by boucing and getting a more even spread of light.

I would try pointing the camera at the darkest part of the seen to be photographed, grab the exposure/focus, recompose and see if that helps. Remember, even a good digicam's flash is only good for about 10-12 feet. My old cam' 4-5 feet.

Ultimately, get a decent digicam. Although the effect of rear things being darker is still evident, it's not nearly as bad.
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Thanks Steve for the information, this camera was no cheapie back in 1999, I paid $399 for it plus another $40 for the AC adaptor, back than 850K pixels was good. 768x1024
Now as we all know you can get a 1mp camera for around $100.
There is no place to attatch a flash on this camera, it is very small and made very well, guess I will have to buy a better one, just think what $400 can buy today.

Thanks again Steve.
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