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I ordered the wrong battery np200 instead of np600 can anyone tell me if i can use the np200 in the camera and what differance would it make if i can

i should wear my glasses!!!

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No. If you look at photos, you'll see that the battery is made differently (size, connectors at bottom). However, the "G" series models can share batteries.

You can get away with using theKonica DR-LB4 (for Konica KD-300z, KD-310z, KD-400z, KD-410z, KD-500z, KD-510z). This battery works fine in your G400 (although there is a very slight difference in the battery capacity). I've seen users of previous model Konicas, that bought the G400 -- and the DR-LB4 works fine The same applies to the NP-500 (specified for G500 model) - it will work fine in your G400.

So,look for the Konica DR-LB4 (same as Minolta NP-500 for the G500),or the Minolta NP-600 (used in both the G400 and G600). The NP-600has a slightly larger capacity versus the others (860 mAh, versus 820mAh).

However, some of the generic DR-LB4 batteries are very close, at approx. 850 mAh (and these generics typically sell for very low prices --- often under $10.00 each).

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