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how much do I have to set aperture in order to get the blurred background that I see on so many fashion magazines? f3.5? f2.8? or less? using Nikon D70 and kit lense.
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It's not all about the aperture. To get the best results you need a fairly long focal length as well to put some distance between the subject and the background. If the lens in at the wide end, then there is no room for the shallow depth of field.
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Depth of Field is based on Aperture, Focal Length (actual, not 35mm equivalent), and distance to subject.

As distance to subject is decreased, DOF also decreases. When you use larger apertures (smaller F/Stop numbers), DOF decreases, and when you get closer to your subject, DOF decreases.

So, use larger Apertures (smaller F/Stop numbers),longer focal length (more zoom), and shoot at a closer distance to your subject. Putting more distance between your subject and the background can help a lot too.

Here is a handy chart for computing Depth of Field. Make sure to use the actual (versus 35mm equivalent) focal length of the lens.


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If you are interested in the more technical explainations, put "circle of confussion" into Google.
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