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Would you be kind enough to explain what type of manual controls are available in Powershot A75 ?

1) I am new to photography (except using normal film camera and wonder whether I should buy this camera at all ?
(Yes or No)

2) Somewhere on this site, a FRIEND has mentioned that he has some problem with image quality (HAZE) and not able to reset to default options ? Do you expect this to be a problem ? (Yes or No)

3) Has this camera got E18 error ? ( Yes or No )

4) As an alternative to this camera is NIKON 3200 ideal ? (Yes or No)

5) Will the manual controls help me? Considering lack of photography experience...Ofcourse, I am willing to learn !!!

Your answers may be short but will ease my tension in deciding. Please...please help me with answers ..

I know most of you know the answers to my queries.. but do not want to type and submit answers...(I know it is boring..) please post your reply. Excuse me in seeking your valuable and precious time....
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"what type of manual controls are available in Powershot A75 ? "
See here:

- Manual exposure control
- Manual focus: 5 cm (2.0 in.) - infinity (W)/
26 cm (10 in.) - infinity (T)

1) Yes IMO (I use a A60 from time to time)
2) No IMO
3) Don't know what E18 error is
4) Seems to me that Nikon 3200 has no manual exposure and no manual focus, so depends what you want in a camera to compare .
5) Manual controls will be useful to someone who like using them. In some rare situations , manual control is the only way . It's nice to have, but useless if you are the "point and shot and that's it" type .

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I won't answer all your questions since they have already been covered. I was relatively new to photography & have an A70. I will say thata digicam with manual features is excellent for a beginner who is interested in learning more about photography. It's actually easier to learn about controls on a digicam over a film camera as you can try different settings to take the same photo with instant results & without incurring the costs that you would with film. For example, I take maybe 15 shots of the same subject using different combinations of aperture, shutter speed, flash, ISO& exposure compensation. Then I'd take another 15 again but at dusk. I'd never dream of doing this with a film camera because of the cost of taking 30 shots of the same thing. Also, as soon as you've taken your photos, you can download & compare them instantly, & enlarge them significantly on your computer to see more closely. With a film camera, you would have to wait for them to be printed & by that time you forgot what photo had what settings. With a digicam, even if you forgot which was what, the Exif data will tell you most of the settings. You can also play with different ISOs without having to replace film.

On the subject of A75 manual settings, these include full manual (you set aperture & priority), aperture priority, shutter priority, manual focus, flash output adjustment, exposure compensation,3 different focus locks, white balance, many photo effects, 3 differentchoicesfor metering light & ISO 50 to ISO 400. If you want to you can choose full auto (point & click) but if you're vaguely interested in photography you will play with some of the manual settings, which usually give better results.

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1) Yes you should. I bought one recently, as a camera that was small enough to take allways with me.My other digital camerais to big to take always with me. Its a easy camera to use with very good results for such a small camera. I wont make a comparison between them, because my other camera is a Digital SLR with a total worth over 20 times of the littleA75.
The fun with digital cameras is that you can experiment as much as you want with it at no cost. Get a compact flash card big enoughso you can experiment as much as you would like, and buy a charger with one or two sets of 2100 Nimh or higher recharchable batteries. The card that comes with the camera is a small 32 MB card, and that is too small for real use. On the other hand is a 512 MB card or larger issome serious overkill.

2) I've not not noticed this problem on my camera, but maybe being a pretty experienced photographer, helps me a bit. And my priorities are maybe different, i only used this camera for fun shots unther pretty good conditions until now.

3) Until now i've had no error message withe the camera whatsoever, except a "No flascard" message once. I've left the Compact flash card in my reader.

4) Ive looked ath both cameras but liked the canon better. There's no perfect camera anyway. My D-SLR lets me make great pictures, but the downside is that i have to carry apretty big backpack with several kilos of lenses and other gear toget the most out of it.

5) If you're willing to learn how to use them correctly, then they will be a great assetto you, if you never want to switch from "auto" to any other mode, then don't bother. I never shoot in auto mode, its gives me no control over what the camera does. On the other hand, full manual iuse very rarely also, because its much easier to use aperture or shutter priority to control the camera for the shot i want.

Good luckwith deciding.
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