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Fuji digital (early one) bought a couple of years - 'bombed out'

The repairs would cost more than the price of the camera + they changed from SM to CFCards.

Am about to purchase Canon Powershot A75 (excellent review Steve) and that magic word ' extended warranty' has been offered - there is a plethoa of EWs out there..but one retailer when asked about why he didn't offer Extended Warranty repliedthat technology in the digital camera field changes so quickly that the manufacturer's 12 month warranty covers the technologie of that 12 month period ...and anything after would be new technology....He might have a point....

Would appreciate any comments for and against this topic.



Aussie Aussie Aussie

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Depends on who is offering the warranty...I know the Olympus America extended warranty is semi worth it, (for C-series cameras) around $60 for two years and it includes a free cleaning and checkup. I wouldn't buy a third party warranty though.
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The answer is...it depends.

It depends on some questions:

Can you afford to replace your camera, ie, buy it TWICE? If yes, no need for extended warranty.

Is warranty by MANUFACTURER or a third party?

Case in point:

You can buy a refurbished Olympus E20 on Olympus site (when available).

You can also buy their 2 year extended warranty for $89.

This one I would do in a heartbeat.

Why? Cheap!!! and warranty is by Olympus.

Good luck

P.S. A pox on your camera staffer that said you are purchasing a warranty for today's technology, old in a year.

A good manufacturer will repair the older cameras within reason. It is good PR and helps to ensure return customers/new customers.

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I wouldnt bother as your camera is covered for a year (some retailers gice a 2nd year free) and i would probably be too happy to have a reason to buy a newer state of the art camera
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This is a hard call and very personal. For all my life I've refused extended warranty offers on everything...including pet insurance!. I'm sitting here in front of the PC system (4yrs old)and beside a hi-fi setup (every component over 10yrs old, one part20yrs old). From all these items the only repair neededhas been the PC hard drive which I replaced for £60.

Had I paid constant extended warranty cover on all these items from new the cost would have been £1485!!

Even to have just taken 3yr plans (extra 2yrs over makers warranty) on eachwould have been £530.

But even after all this evidence I'm seriously considering taking out extended warranty on my second digital camera.

You see at 11 months old my first suffered a failure covered by warranty, but had it happened just 5wks later it would have been my responsibility and cost about £100. Thing is that camera cost £229 in summer 2003, but the next model up is now availableat Amazonfor £126 and the EBay price for a used one would be £70. So there is no way the repair could have been justified and the camera would have been scrap.

In that case I would have been pretty pleased if I'd taken out the £40 extra 2yrs warranty offered at the time of sale.

My latest camerastarted at£500 new in 2003 but cost about half that this year (and for me still stands with the best of them at up to £300). I plan to keep it at least 2-3yrs before upgrading.

So if the new one suffered a £100-£150 failure two weeks out of makerswarranty I'd be in a difficult position. It would be harder to replace this one cheaply yet a largebill would be hard to swallow.

I'm being offered a good warranty by the shop that can be taken out up to 12mths after buying the camera, covers an extra 2yrs including accidental damage or loss. At £55 it is low enough besides the camera value, or likely repair costs, to be a serious consideration.

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All Replies.

Thanks to all for there comments and observations....as I am an Aussie-Pom the reply from David was more akin to the situation downunder - unlike the USA, brand names in Aussie do not offer extended warranty - but the major retails do -through various brokers.

So I will bite the bullet and take out an additional 2 years extended warranty at $59.00 Aus dollar - which appears to be very acceptable comparing USA/UK prices.

Thanks again.


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Keep very good records of it. They wouldn't offer it if it didn't make them money. It's as simple as that. So either the quality control is good enough that they rarely break in the time you are covered or they count of the majority of people forgetting they got it (or loosing the paperwork.)

Personally, I don't get them for smaller things. But on big items I get insurance... my car, my house, my body, my camera gear. Things that are important or worth a lot of money.

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I work in the electronics business selling both computers and digital cameras. The company I work for sells warranty plans. Warranties on digital cameras are worth it. Typically they will cost under 100 bucks. They take affect after the manufacuters warranty. If your camera breaks during this time you call the warranty company, they go through over the phone tech support after that they send the store a store credit for the amount of a camera equivalent or better to the one you have now. You can also use this store credit to purchase a more expensive camera. The store credit they give customers is usually at least double the price of the warranty.
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