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Default Olympus C-720 UltraZoom - Need Advice

I have 10 days to play and see if I like this camera. Thing is we can't seem to get any decent pictures out of it. It has tonnes of features, but as a point n' shoot (which is probably 70% of our pics) we can't seem to get any good pics. We're used to using our old Kodak 1.3 megapixel camera.

Any advice? Keep it or get something else. We want a 3+ megapixel camera with some features, but also a good point n' shoot camera...

Thanks in advance.
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What is it that you don't find in this camera,
This is a nice little Ultra Zoom camera and one of the successful models of Olympus,
Is there anything specific that you are trying to get from this camera, and not getting is successfully?
According to the user reviews it's got a lot of satisfied users.
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I've had my 720 for a couple of months after 4+ years with a Mavica FD-7. I admit the 720 is a little tougher to use, but I've gotten some decent pics out of it even in bad conditions. I just happened to be composing an e-mail to a friend of mine who was looking for photos taken with the camera. Here's a few links:

http://www.ewilts.org/photos/Butterfly.jpg (taken in my back yard).

http://www.ewilts.org/gallery/picnic2002 (Basset Annual General Meeting yesterday)

http://www.ewilts.org/gallery/nativeplants (taken right after we got the camera)

http://www.ewilts.org/gallery/FriendsAtTheLake (July 4 weekend I think)

http://www.ewilts.org/gallery/pippa?&page=2 (Taken Saturday at Interstate Park in Wisconsin)

http://www.ewilts.org/gallery/icecream02 (Basset Club Ice Cream Social this summer).

I've tried to give you some variety - the main thing I'm missing is indoor people shots - I don't do much of these at all.

I'm not a camera expert by any stretch of the imagination (and my pics will verify that!), and I haven't taken any time yet to do any computer processing of any of my pictures - I barely have enough time to upload the pics and file them somewhere as it is.

I am starting to get the hang of it but there are a lot of settings I haven't touched yet. I typically do not use the auto mode and use mostly the portrait and landscape modes with some macros. Depending on what kinds of pictures you've taken, I can probably put more pics up online for you to see if the camera is for you compared to what I'm getting.

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We need to see the pics first.
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