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I had a very upsetting experience today. On Friday, I tried to get my CF card read at Cosco to get pictures developed! The staff there tried several of their computers. None worked and could not read the card. They put my card in and out on three different computers and nothing happened. (I had previously dowloanded pictures through a card reader on my computer and thus know my card was fine). Staff finally said that they CF drive frequently does not work because people put wrong media in. I left the store and tried to take some pictures today. I had actually put in an old CF card and it worked. Then, I put the card in which Cosco attempted to read and the power on my camera would no longer turn on. I have tried replacing batteries and putting different CF card in. Nothing works. My camera won't turn on anymore! Meanwhile, my computer won't read the CF card anymore either. Lost all of my pictures. What is the proble here? What can I do?

After I went back to Cosco, they are reluctant to do anything. Waiting for a response. But after I left the store today, they seemed to start to suggest that in fact my cf card may have messed up their systems. They also say that frequently scandisk cf cards (which costco sells themselves) can have problems. But I have not had any problems with the card until after my visit to Cosco to attempt to develop my pictures!

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Does the camera still function properly with another CF card in it?

Most digicams do a space available check on the memory card at bootup so if the card is bad or corrupted it can keep the camera from doing anything. However, they usually come on and give you some kind of error message on the LCD.

Memory cards can fail like anything else electronic, Sandisk is no better or worse than others. The percentage of CF cards failing is very low but it does happen.

As for the brainiacs at Costco or anyplace else you go - last week they sold shoes, this week they're computer geniuses - need I say more?

The safest thing to do is to offload your pictures onto a CD that you burn in your own computer. Give the CD to the Costco, Walmart or whatever people to print.
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Thanks Steve for replying! The camera does not do anything anymore. With or without a new CF card. Somebody suggested that I try a hard reset. Not sure this camera has one or not. Do you think that might work?
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Leaving the batteries out for over 24 hours is usually the equivalent of a hard reset.
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