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Default HELP with batteries and memory for E-20N

Hello. I apologize if this question is dumb but I am am relatively new to digital. I have purchased an Olympus E20-N that I am happy with so far. I would like to purchase additional memory. Does brand of CF and SM cards matter? I am leaning towards a 128mb in each. I have read several posts regarding batteries and I know this thing eats them like they are going out of style. I also have a Quantum Battery 1+ and their site states I can use it with my E-20N. Has anyone used a Quantum with this or any other digital camera and will it last appreciably longer than Nicads? Sorry this is so long and thank you for your help.
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The most economical battery is going to be nickel metal hydride, not nickel cadmium. NiMH will have generally at least three times the capacity of NiCd and have no memory effect not to mention lack of toxic cadmium which makes them toxic waste when they are eventually discarded.

Lead acid batteries are quite costly for the watt hours of power they provide and the sloping discharge curve makes them less than suitable for digicams. Voltage will drop below usable levels long before the battery is out of power. NiMH has a very flat discharge curve that delivers nominal voltage for a longer portion of the discharge cycle.

You can find NiMH AAs for about $11/4 at any Wal-Mart or Target store in the US though some prefer various other brands with slightly more capacity. A one hour charger can be had for about $30. Two or three sets of NiMH and you're in business.

Get the highest capacity memory you can afford. 128mb cards are low cost but you'll need a few for big shooting sessions with a 5mp camera. Prices on the 1gb microdrive are approaching $200 so it's worth considering.
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I agree with padye, but I do think 1800 milliamp batteries are the only way to go (most are 1600). One place to buy them is thomasdistributing.com ($14.00), but there are others as well.

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