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thacket Aug 12, 2004 4:28 PM


I am new here, but have been lurking for a while; great digital camera site. I have a question about service centers. I believe that most of the camera manufacturers either have inhouse service centers or contract service to a few local vendors. Part of my research in purchasing of a new camera includes a call or eMail to said service centers to obtain camera parts longevity info(whether they will repair a 10, 5, or only a2year old camera? Also warranty policies and the like and speed of repairs). Other things I contact them for is to judge speed and content of response. I just called a manufacturers local service center in my areaand was treated very rudely. I just wanted to know the information as stated above. I remained polite, but itdidn't help. Everyone has a bad day now and again; I hope thatwas the case and she has a better day tomorrow. My question is this; what manufacturer has the best/worst service for digital cameras?What specific experiences have any of you had? One of my pet peeves is that they sometimes hide the contact telephone numbers on their web pages. In any case, any information would be appreciated. Thanks.



JimC Aug 12, 2004 4:53 PM

Well, I've seen complaints about most of the manufacturers from time to time. As far as repair numbers not being listed on web sites, you see that often. Usually, you have to find actual phone numbers in the manuals that ship with the products.

That's probably to keep potential buyers from overloading the technical staff with questions that the sales staff can't answer.

Whether or not a camera is even worth repairing outside of the warranty period is going to depend on the model and what's wrong with it. Typically, an out of warranty repair bill is going to cost you around $150.00 or more from manufacturers that do repair their products.Keep in mind that cameras typically depreciate rapidly (just like computers).

Some cameras that may have cost close to $1,000.004 years ago, can be purchased for around 1/4 of their original cost on the used market. So, these models may not even be worth repairing (it's easier to just buy another camera).

It depends on the model. For example, someone with a camera like the Olympus C-2100UZ may want to have it repaired, since it's got some features that are well liked (great stabilized zoom lens, very good image quality, etc.), so it's a "hotter" item on the used market.

Yet, a consumer model without many redeeming qualities may not be worth the effort. For those, you're better off just buying one on Ebay if it's a model you *really" like; or just upgrading to a newer camera (since the newer models usually have more features, faster operation, etc.).

I know someone that recently had a Nikon Coolpix 995 repaired (cracked circuit board after a drop).Heindicated that his cost of getting it repaired by Nikon was approximately $200.00.

hedwards Aug 14, 2004 11:40 AM

I agree with Jim, my previous camera lasted for around seven or eight thousand frames, and is still going strong. After having the camera for 4 years i doubt i would have had it fixed even if i didn't own a new one.

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