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Default Best way to take pics in dark or under a lightbulb? S30

Hey there. I am new to this forum and I hope to learn alot from you guys. That being said, I am interested in what settings I should use for indoor use with a lightbulb and outside shots at night. Should I always use the flash outside at night? Should I up my shutter speed to say 15 seconds? ISO speed does that matter for nighttime shots? I take pictures in my home at night under a regular lightbulb. What would you recomend settings for those shots? I am new to this and I find it exrtemely fun learning photography. I just want to be able to get the most out of my Canon S30. I appreciate the help and thank you in advance

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Hi Nick,
Can't give you pro quality advices , but I have some night/evening shots, looking at the exif data, you can figure out something useful for you ...

This one and all pics in this folder are done without tripod or monopod

Almost all pics in this folder are taken with a monopod (none with tripod)

In general, if you can, use a tripod for night shot , allowing you to keep ISO 100 ( or lower if your cam allow so) to minimize noises , a tripod also allow you to choose a lower speed-small aperture combination ( to have max depth of field) , of course, if there is no moving subject.

My "method" is priories iso100, than not going lower than 1/15 handheld /monopod ( the first pic is somewhat an exception, handheld sec and it turns out that's not too bad )

Oh: outside/nightshot: the flash use is your choice: use flash to shoot a relatively close subject with a night background ( people, statute ...) , in this case, your aperture/speed control how the background is taken, the flash duration control your subject illumination .
You don't use flash if there is nothing (possible) to illuminate , for example, nightshot of a building.

Also, don't use flash if you want "to get what you see" ( the lanterns for example, using a flash would "turn off" the magic )

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