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Default 1st digital camera...HELP!!!!?!!!

Hi ya'll. I've been thinking about buying a digital camera and have been checking around for a few months. I've narrowed my choices down to 3 Fuji cameras....the 2800.....f601...or the new 3800. I'm really interested in the 3800, but have lots of questions about the xd-picture card. Can ya'll help?.....
1. where can you buy the xd pic.card?
2. $$$?
3. how many pics can you get on a card?
4. what reader do I get?
I'm also interested in a Digital Wallet. Which one would I get for the xd?
Thank you soooooo much....
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1-their not out yet
3-depends on resolution and size of card when available
4-an xd reader or cf reader with a xd adapter when available
5- which ever one you want as long as it has a cf to xd adapter.

all these questions cannot be answered without a product being there. xd was just announced recently. what will be true is of course the xd memory will be in short supply in the beginning and will command a higher price than all the rest. don't get too up about xd. remember about 85% of digital cameras use Compactflash. and that won't be changing too soon. only 2 mfgrs have announced support for it olympus and fuji(the developer). again its only saving grace to most of us is that it will supposedly will make available an adapter to go into a compactflash slot. capacity is only going to be up to i believe 256MB and then ramp up to higher amounts just like smartmedia ang memory sticks promised. supposedly after 2 years of nothing memory sticks finally are going to 256/512MB and possibly 1gb.
compact has a distinct advantage over all others it is open design. thus its popularity to most mfgrs. no royalty issues. plus its formfactor allows for greater versitility.
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How many pics can you get on a card, well that depends on a few things.
How big of a card do you plan on using? the more memory your card has, the more pictures it will hold.
What quality you chose to shoot with, with low quality you can hold hundreds of pictures, all fine for email and posting on the internet to share with others. With a higher quality you might only be able to hold 2 pictures, maybe 40, it depends on how much detail the camera puts into the picture.

As for the reader, well I see it as a reader is a reader, same as wallets.
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sjms....I take it you think we should wait on the 3800 and xd card....I like new technology, but I am cautious too. So now I've narrowed it down to the 2800 or the f601. thanks!
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i would choose a digicam that uses compact flash memory cards...the card has been in the beginning of the digi world and is still going...and so many memory sizes are avalible for your shooting habits....even pro cameras usues it...
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I think the only real issue that determines what kind of memory is best is price. They all work, do the same thing, at pretty much the same speed. It is my impression that for any but the top end cameras, speed is determined by the camera not memory type.

The number of pictures you can get on a card is determined by the resolution and compression used. There are arguments about shooting JPEG vs TIFF vs RAW, but in general you should shoot in the mode that stores the fewest pictures on the card, possibly restricting yourself to JPEGs with some exceptions. That gives you the highest quality picture.
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