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I purchased my Sony W1 and can't seem to get any decent indoor shots .I have it set with flash it flashes looks nice and bright in the LCD screen then when its downloaded onto my computor the images are dark like as if I had not light or flash.This is really maddning.I'm taking close shots of the kids and dog with flash on still dark!!
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Well..... you may want to post a sample of what you are talking about. If you have a place to post an unmodified original, that would be better (it will contain the camera settings used).

You can also get the camera settings by using many image editors. A good free one is Irfanview (downloadable from http://www.irfanview.com (make sure to download the free plugins, too). You'll see the camera settings under Image, Information, EXIF. You may want to downsize a photo, post it here, along with the camera settings used.

That way, users can try to see if there is something obvious that is wrong.

How close are you, and are you using any zoom? The flash range drops down to around 8.5 feet if using a lot of zoom with the W1 with Auto ISO set (it's around 12.5 feet if you don't use zoom, since more than twice as much light reaches the sensor through the lens at it's wide angle setting).

Were the subjects backlit (window behind them)? This can fool the camera's metering (so you sometimes need to switch to spot metering).

Is this happening in Full Auto mode, too? You may want to make sure you didn't change a setting somewhere if shooting in other modes (for example, Programmed Auto/P mode allows you to change parameters). Personally, I think the photos from the DSC-W1 are a little too contrasty by default, so you may want to try shooting in P mode and set contrast to the lower value to see if this helps.

BTW, it's not unusual to see a brighter photo in the camera's LCD than you see on a monitor.
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If it's close shots with flash and they still look dark on the computer, maybe your monitor gamma/brightness needs to beturned up a bit. Try printing one of those dark-looking pictures (preferably on glossy photo paper) and see if it looks any better. My monitor here at work used to be quite a bit darker than the one at home even with the brightness allthe way up--a photo that looked nice and bright at home looked dark and dull at work.

That said, I did lose a bunch of wedding-reception photos I took with a Kodak CX4200 because I thought they were being properly exposed. They looked fine in the LCD but were terribly dark on the computer, and if I tried to brighten them, they got too grainy. They were mostly taken from 15-25 feet away, though. (The bad part is that my Olympus Stylus Zoom, whose flash was great in situations like that, was upstairs in my hotel room. If only I'd known that the Kodak's spirit was willing but the flash was weak...)

I second JimC's recommendation of IrfanView. I've been using it for a few years and it's all I ever need to tweak my photos. Can't beat the price, either!
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Thanks guys for the info.I'll have to try and print some photo's to see how they turn out.I tried taking some photos inside during the evening of my kids and pets and I turned the flash off.It worked good brighter pictures,but still think the quality once downloaded is still not there,will try getting a picture printed to see the outcome.Thanks again!! lots to learn here.
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You have to learn how to walk before you can run...

Check out this site to learn the basics of photography (there's a whole section on flash use):

Photography is a skill where you can never stop learning.
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