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Hopingsomeone will know of a decent programthat will scan several photos at once yet have the ability to save each as a different jpeg image. I'm planning on scanning several old photo albums having maybe 500 or more photos and don't want to scan each one at a time. I recently read a review of Photoshop Elements 3 and it indicated it has the capability to scan several images at once yet seperate each one seperately. I really don't need or want to buy Elements and am hoping there are some other dedicated flatbed scanner programs available. thanks...
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The new Photoshop Elements 3 has just such a utility. Read the write up on

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appreciate your response, but I did say in my post that I didn't want to purchase Photoshop Elements!
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I don't want to discourage you, but this kind of project obviously isn't a Saturday afternoon job. Scanning a few hundred photos and then editing them for proper reproduction would take a few weeks of evening and weekend work; add the other conversions and you can readily see how such an undertaking could easily take up an entire year of free time.

But if you really want to get started, I suggest getting a professional service to do it.

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Gary Hendricks
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You could use almost any image editor to crop the larger image later (saving each section of the larger image as a separate JPEG file).

It wouldn't be automated, but it would be workable. Even a free package like Irfanview could easily do it. Open the large scanned image, select one photo from the large image, crop, use"save as" and give it a filename. Then, reopen thefile with multiple photos on one page, select a different photo from the scan, crop, use "save as"giving it a unique filename, etc. until all photos from the large image are saved individually.

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