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I am brand new to digital photography, just as a test I photographed a wall of GREEN ivy and then printed the downloaded file with the software that came with the camera (photoshop). The file when viewed on a monitor with any file view shows the ivy as GREEN, but when I print on a old HP 710c the ivy comes out BLUE.

Do I have a problem with my camera or printer or software? Is their a easy way for a beginner like me to check this out?



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My apologies since nobody has answered this.. But, it's not so simple to tell. You'd need to make sure your monitor was probably calibrated first.

Chances are, it's your printer (but it could be your monitor calibration, software, etc.).

This is a complex subject. If your white balance is not set correctly in the camera you can get bad colors, and your monitor may need calibrating to see them correctly.

But, most models do a reasonable job using flash, and most do a good job in outdoor conditions with white balance. Indoors without a flash, you may need to use a custom white balance setting in the camera.

It's more likely to be your printer (or the color profiles being used by the printer). Most modern printers have a way to use ICC profiles (allowing them to be calibrated for the paper type being used), but your older HP may not, and the way the software is driving the printer with it's color profilescould be causing a problem, too.

If you're sure that you have the correct paper type selected (I don't know if your model uses an auto paper type sensor or not), then I'd probably try printing from HP's Photo Printing Software to see if that solves the problem.

HP usually included this software on CD with it's printers. If you installed it, it will show up under your Programs somewhere in your start menu, under an HP menu choice -- these printers usually had more than one HP choice when installing software there, so look for it).

If you don't have it, try downloading the newer HP Image Zone Express and see if printingwith it solves the problem.You'll see it on this page:

HP Drivers and Software for 920C

You could also try downloading and printing a known good image. See the samples for your model in the EOS-20D review here. Thetrees and foilage are actually green, not blue. ;-)


If the problem is with your monitor, see this page on monitor calibration:


What kind of paper are you using? If you're using non-HP papers, this may cause a problem with color accuracy. Many printers are very finnicky on paper, and colors can changewhen using paper from another manufacturer.

If the problem turns out to be that the photos are actually being takenwith the wrong colors (and your monitor wasn't displaying them correctly because it wasn't calibrated), then you'll need to use a different white balance setting. You can try changing it forthe lighting, or use a custom whitebalance setting. It's usually more of a problem indoors in mixed lighting (where you may need to set white balance using a whiteor grey card for best results).
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Almost certainly it is the printer or printer driver.

Try the easy and cheap stuff first.

Reinstall the printer driver - use a new one that you download from HP. Not likely to solve the problem, but something you want to do anyway.

If you have another ink cartidge - install it. Price a new cartridge and think about getting a new printer.

Read the manual to see what it has to say - pay particular attention to cleaning issues. RTFM is always the last resort.
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BillDrew wrote:
If you have another ink cartidge - install it. Price a new cartridge and think about getting a new printer.
I just recently bought a new printer, and I was going to buy new ink cartridges for another printer. But, I decided to go down the store and bought a $49.95 printer instead. It actually worked out to be less expensive than the cost of the ink cartridges for the older printer. ;-)

Now, I'm not suggesting that a $49.95 printer is a great idea. For me, it was (because this printer won't get used much). I just bought a little Canon Pixma iP1500 for my wife's desk. Surprisingly, the print quality is pretty good from it, and it came with tri-color and black cartridges.

I'd be willing to bet that the photo quality from this $49.95 printer is much better than the photo quality from your older HP printer (which was only a 600dpi printer). ;-) Also, because this Canon is a newer printer, it's unlikely to have any color profile compatibility problems like you may get with older models.

Of course, this inexpensive Canon uses smaller cartridges. So, if you're going to be using a printermuch, I'd consider a different model for a lower cost per page.

I also bought a Canon Pixma iP4000 to replace an HP Photosmart 1215 that broke (after many reams of paper -- it was a good printer while it lasted). This Canon model (Pixma iP4000) has a lower cost per page, and it's a much faster printer than most. It's print quality is also much better than I expected (since it's not one of the newer 6 or 8 color ink type printers). For my limited needs, it will work fine.

So, I've thrown out two old printers over the past week or two (and I probably won't need to do the same thing again for acouple of years if my luck holds).

Given the age of your printer,it's lower dpi, and the color problems you're having, I'd strongly consider replacing it with a newer model before spending a lot of time messing around with it to tryand get the colors right, or even buying replacement cartridges for it.

Bill has a habit of keeping things simple (and I have a habit of being too long winded). I admire his posting style and wisdom, getting straight to the point. So, I'd suggestlistening to his advise tothink about gettinga new printer ;-)

You'll find reviews of popularmodels here:


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