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Default Well, I bought my first digital camera!

Made the plung yesterday. I have been reading tons on digital cameras here and elsewhere last month or so. Did not write anything until now - too busy reading all the advice!

I thought I wanted a Fuji 3800 or Olympus C-730 as they were both brand new wiz-bang cameras I could purchase for under $500 dollars. I was sucked into all the hype on the new features. Since I am new to this hobby and wanted to be able to take wildlife pix at my northern Wisconsin cabin (bald eagles are nesting in a bay 200 feet from me), I wanted a longer lens than most 2-3 megapixel cameras came with.

Ordered the C-730 for $448+S&H from an internet site. After two weeks of salesmanship run-around about overpriced accessories and if camera was actually in stock - I happened to walk into my local Microcenter store and they had a brand new (not refurbished) C-700 for $336 - good riddances to that internet shop! This price is about even with many of the refurbished C-700s for sale on internet. It did not have the USB cable so they threw in an Olympus AC adapter. Bought a USB reader for $9 (on sale) so I hope I will not need the USB cable?!?

I only got a 2 megapixel verse 3 megapixel camera but with the longer lens and a steep learning curve ahead I figured I could 'make do' with this older model for a long while. :roll:

I hope I can learn some tricks/manual settings with this camera - right now I am using on auto/scene modes until I can figure out all the buttons/f-stops/etc - man there is a lot you can adjust! Pictures seem to be affected more by my inexperience than failings of the camera. I can learn with this camera and someday move up to the newest wiz-bang model when I need more pixels!

Thanks to all for sharing your knowledge with us-newbies!

....and to the newbies - do not be afraid to buy a recently outdated model from a local store - you may get a better deal than surfing on the internetl!?!

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Dan, I think you will be real happy with your new 700! I recomended one to my Nephew about a year ago and he sends me some terrific pictures he has taken with it! He also is interested in nature studies and spends a lot of his vacation and holiday time in the California Sierra's and high desert! He has not had any problems with the camera and has become a real enthusiast!
I am considering a 730 for my next camera. The store price is still pretty high here in the L.A. area ($600) But I'm with you, I don't want to go through the hassle's that I read about in the forums! I want a store that I can return it to and get a new one if something is wrong! Good luck and have fun! Bob
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I think you made a great choice! I just bought a c-720 a few weeks ago and I love it, especially the great zoom (and your zoom is even better then mine )

Here's a good yahoo group for the c-7xx series if your interested.

Have fun!
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