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We want to send a picture out with our Christmas cards. How can I fill an 8 1/2 sheet with the same 2" x 3" picturesso that I can cut them out.

Microsoft picture 7.0

Photo studio 5.5

Dazzle Photo editor

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What kind of printer do you have?

Some of the software from HP (HP Photo Printing Software), Epson (Epson Film Factory) andCanon (Easy Photo-Print)included with printershave templates for filling up a page with photos.

HP has replaced their Photo Printing Software with something called Image Zone Express (all download links for the older software have been replaced with the newer software).

Thenewer software still allows 9 wallet size photos per page (under Print, select wallet as the size, then select letter size for paper).This pagehas more about the software features,and you'll alsoa download buttonfor it (it's free and works with non-HP Printers).


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:idea: If you're running Windows XP you can also do it through the Windows Pictures and Fax viewer. Bring up the photo in preview, right click, select "Print", and use the wizard to select the different pics you want to print. Good luck!
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Another option is Arcsoft Photoprinter. it is a very easy to use program. a trial version can be downloaded fro m arcsoft.com
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I was doing something very similar to this yesterday. My wife will be meeting her birth parents for the first time, so I scanned a bunch of old pictures from her babyhood through our wedding day, and I wanted to print a bunch of the smaller ones on one sheet.

In Microsoft Photo Editor, I created a blank 8.5x11" picture. Then, I opened each small picture, copied it, and pasted it into the blank, then moved it where I wanted it. Open next picture, copy, paste, move. About six small photos would fit on one sheet without too much trouble. Then I just print the large "collage" image and cut the individual pictures out for the album.
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Old Dec 14, 2004, 12:46 AM   #6
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QImage comes highly recommended.
In the printing portion of these forums, down near the bottom of the page is a whole section devoted to QImage
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I remember that Iomega (the Zip drive people) had free photo printing software that did this for download on their site.


Scroll down to Iomega PhotoPrinter for the download.
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Old Dec 14, 2004, 9:31 AM   #8
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You can copy it once and paste it a dozen times into Word. It will put one on top of the other and you just drag them where you want them.

If the picture has its wide side horizontal you get more on a page by doing a loseless rotation to vertical. Irfanview is good for that and free. You should be able to fit a dozen on a page that way.

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UsingWordwill create a huge Word file because images are saved as BMPs...

I use a program no longer available entitled Announcements 7.

It is about 9 years old.

It does a great job and works with XP (but not Windows 2000).

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