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Default coin pics

Originally Posted by sever
Your problem is white balance. If the cam you're using has a custom white balancing feature, use it and everything should turn out fine. If pics are coming out too blue, that means the cam is white balanced for warmer lighting than partial sun provides. My suspicion is that it's automatically choosing the white balance for you, and when there's bright sun it balances for bright sun shooting, when it's partial sun it balances for incandescent white lighting, which is too much of a jump.

If you're finding that the item is too blue, there are a number of remedies short of buying a new camera.

1) Try a different/custom white balancing.

2) Try artificial lighting (you'll most likely have to take this with suggestion 1).

3) Try a warming filter.

4) Use Photoshop to depress the blue channel.

You are right on the mark....I checked and my Camera has Automatic White Balancing..no override feature ..I think it's time for me to get a new Camera....

Thanks for the help....
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As mentioned above, Nikons generally have excellent macro capabilities, and on most models white balance controls. Also sell a ring light just for macro lighting.

For a better deal, the Olympus C-4000 has a fine macro ability, better image quality than the comparable Nikon, and is far less expensive.

There are sample macro shots in the reviews at imaging-resource.com that happen to include coins.
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