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OK - this model is also designed to use AA NiMH Rechargeable batteries (as it appears all of the Easyshare cameras do).

Here's the deal...

There are only so many possibilities as to what is going wrong.

1. She's using the wrong battery type (for example, trying to use Alkaline Batteries which will be useless in this model), or trying to recharge the non-rechargeable CRV3 batteries (one CRV3 can replace two AA Batteries).

2. If she is using a rechargeable types with the Optional Docking Station (she can use either NiMH AA Batteries, or Kodak makes a rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack that is the same form factor as a CRV3 battery type), then she's not getting a good connection to the batteries for charging them.

If this is the case, and she has the optional docking station, using rechargeable AA NiMH Batteries, or the Kodak NiMH Battery Pack (which is really like two AA NiMH Batteries taped together), then I'd look for dirty contacts. I'd check the contacts between the camera and the charging cradle, and also check the contacts in the camera (making sure the battery contacts are clean, too).

3. The batteries are defective

4. The camera is defective

5. The charging cradle is defective.

It's far more likely that the batteries (or the optional charging cradle if she has one) are the culprit. She can try an off the shelf Lithium CRV3 battery to rule out everything else. If it works fine, rather than trying to replace the cradle (if that's the problem), I'd probably just buya separate charger with high capacity AA NiMH Batteries and use it.

Again, try cleaning contacts first -- once you've insured she is in fact using batteries that should work (and not trying to charge non-rechargeable CRV3's, alkalines, etc.).

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Old Jan 17, 2005, 10:27 PM   #12
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Since I first posted this several weeks ago, two other friends have pulled out their Kodak EasyShare Cameras to find they had dead batteries. One was a brand new camera. Is this a common problem with this brand? It's starting to sound like the cradle doesn't fully charge the batteries?
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Old Jan 17, 2005, 10:59 PM   #13
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What did you find out about your friend's camera?

Again, the battery that ships with this model isnot rechargeable.

The docking station/chargeris an optional accessory, and it ships with rechargeable batteries (but you have to replace the CRV3 that shipped with the camera with the rechargeable batteries).

You never indicated if your friend had the docking station or not.

Where the problem iswith your other friendscameras would depend on whether or not they have the correct batteries installed and are using the optional docking station/charger, too.

If they are using the optional docking station/charger, and have rechargeable batteries installed, and they are dead even when the camera is being left in the cradle, then something is wrong somewhere (bad batteries, bad cradle, dirty contacts, etc.).

If they simply pulled the cameras out of a closet, then I'd expect the batteries to be dead (they tend to lose their charge over time).
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Old Feb 8, 2005, 2:36 PM   #14
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I know this is a few weeks old but I have an Easyshare camera (DX4330) and this caught my attention. My experience from two years of use has told me that the best results are obtained from lithium AA batteries. I can take about 400 shots with a fresh pair of lithium batteries. They are pricey but worth the cost when you know you will take a large number of pictures (such as during a trip) and don't want the hassle of recharging batteries. Also lithium batteries won't lose their charge nearly as fast when storing the camera unused. I have a pair in mine right now that is a couple of months old and still work and I expect to still use them during a planned trip in summer. I would not expect the same from rechargeables.

Other than lithium batteries I keep two sets of NiMH rechargeable batteries. These tend to die relatively quickly but I can still squeeze some 120 shots per full recharge.

Your friend's camera is probably faulty.

I cannot say this is not a common problem with Kodak cameras but at least in my own experience, battery life is quite good with my camera.
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