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Default help me to choose my first digital camera

hi all,

I am new into all camera types, abbreviation ...etc.

I would like to buy a digital video camera to record personal stuff, meanwhile i like to print out some scenes which i will capture later.

the camera to produce very good quality at day and night time and during capturing, therefore please advice what type i have to buy.

i am interisting to record and make videos about picnics, parties and daily scenes, and pick up photographs for far scenes and very close (such as animals, flowers ...etc).

and for the above i think i need accessories as well, therefore please advice what accessories are much necessary than the others, also if there is any free site that teach how to improve the scale of such hobby

my budget is about US$1500 (for the camera only), the accessories to follow.

btw, i have enough background for inside computer case stuff, and own epson perfection 1650 scanner, and just bought canon s9000 printer.

thanks in advance.

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I own the Olympus C4040 and would highly recommend the camera. You can read Steve's reviews. The Olympus C5050 is the newest camera in this line. The 4040 will cost about $550 on the web and the C5050 about $800. Your budget will provide you with a choice of many cameras. If you have a local retailer Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. Go look at their cameras. You can purchase on the web for considerable savings. WWW.Dealtime.com can provide you pricing after you have narrowed your choice.
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after reading more user opinions and seeing the quality of the pics of this site, i liked the quality of nikkon cp 950, 990 and 995 but i am not aware what is the adv. and disadv. of this camera (regardless of the reviews which i did not have the time to read them yet). but it seems they all are 3 or less mp which is not usefull for me (below you will now why)

however, in my first post i was asking for a camcorder with the still option so i will benefit from both operations, but it seems it is useless therefore i will buy camcorder and digicam.

my budget in this case will be us$1000 (digicam only), and meanwhile i like to print on A3 papers with very good quality therfore i need to go with 5mp (right? or 4 enough or more than 5mp is required?), i do have the s9000 printer therefore i need to print out some nice photos, i also like to pick up motioned pictures (like running animals), also like to pick far distance pictures (mountinas, buildings), do i need specials lenses? or the one with the camera can give me nice thing?

today i checked the canon g3 and sony dsc-f707, it looks good one but heavy, but i can sacrifice for good pics, the g3 is not available now costs 75% of the sony, but i liked sony's specifications....the f717 is out now and has better specifications, therfore f707 is kinda out of my range

anyway, i need your help in choosing which camera i have to buy to achieve the above points

any kind of help is highly appreciated
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Default RE: help me to choose my first digital camera

Blue Heart,

Try getting the Canon ZR45 video digital camera, it has 18 x optical zoom and pretty good specs. It also has limited still shot capabilities via SD card. Price $699 retail.

Get a Canon G2 digicam for $699 and you're within your $1500 budget.

These are merely suggestions, but a good place to start. Nikon, Olympus, and Minolta are just some of the vendors with very good digicams in the $500 - $700 range. I would recommend going with the Canon ZR digital video recorder because I really haven't seen anything else with the features and quality for the price.

Look at the Canon website to get virtual tours of the video cameras. I really like my Canon S9000!


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