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Have been a tinker'er for a several years, got interested in this as a hobby back in 2000 with my first SLR (rebel 2000) but had to put it down because of $$ and time.
Things are a little different now (not rich but working steady) so this holiday I picked up a DRebel kit, then after perusing these boards also picked up 28-135mm IS USM, 50mm f/1.8, Sigma 500 DG Super.
Although I consider myself a novice I am wondering where would be the best place to get some formal instruction. At this point I am still not exactly cleare on a few things, especially white balance theory, indoor lighting as well as basic technique.

I have read a several books on Photography but most don't seem very practical. Any recommendations? Online class, lecture, books?

Sorry to sound so ambiguous just found this site to be very helpful and thought I would ask.

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The 1st thing I would recommend is going to:

http://www.luminous-landscape.com/...and reading every tutorial & article there.

Although slightly slanted towards lighting info, further links that will cover many shooting situations can be found here:

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Bryan Peterson, a professional photographer, has two wonderful books. They are (1) Understanding Exposure and (2) Learning to See Creatively. I believe he has a web site where he conducts classes, also. I intended to sign up once, but the class was already sold out.
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Those are some very good links. I know Canon's website also offers some training that is very basic in nature. My best advice for using the books is to treat it like a class. Read a section and then practice the techniques. Don't push on to another section until you've done a number of shots practicing what they are talking about. It's that practice that is going to 'drill it' into your head. Just reading won't do it. For example: after you read about White balance, spend a week shooting in different lighted environments - take shots with auto-WB and use a grey-card to set custom WB. I think another key suggestion is work on understanding the camera WITHOUT the flash for now - still use the flash, but ETTL flash work is tricky - I know, I've been spending the last 4 months trying to get things right with my D-Rebel and Sigma 500.

The last piece of advice - do not trust the LCD screen for WB and exposure. Use your computer screen for evaluating WB results and use histograms on the camera for evaluating exposure (set your camera up with a 4-sec display with info so you see the histogram after each shot).

Have fun - you've got a great set-up and you're going to love it!
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Thanks Kalypso
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Great tips! I am really enjoying luminous landscape.

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