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Default AA Panasonic Alkaline Batteries that came with my camera.

Are these rechargeable? How can I find out? Sorry, I am a battery newb.

I would assume it would be labeled if it were, but I just don't know, and I thought I would ask before I cause some sort of battery melt down in my house.
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if it says alkaline NO
if it says NI MH YES
if it says NI CD YES
if it says LI ION YES
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Don't attempt to recharge alkaline batteries. Get NiMH rechargables and a charger unit. Get the highest rated you can find. At least 1700mah.
Hope that helps. the alkaline batteries supplied with a camera are todays cheap scape by the makers to save money but get you going when you buy their camera.


Sorry - cynic by nature!! (perhaps following in the makers footsteps). :roll:
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David is correct. NiMH cost only a few dollars more but will more than pay for themselves. Go to this reveiw by Steve:
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The answer is NO. They will probably leak or possibly explode if recharged. There are rechargable alkaline batteries, but I don't know of any camera manufacturer that includes them with their camera.

On the note of the manufacturers being cheap. Probably true, but you can get a charger and batteries for way less than the differance in price. I bought a Rayovac One hour charger and twelve AA's (1700 mA) when I got my Olympus C700. The charger Olympus used to include for "free" was not a one hour charger. Now that I bought a digital for my wife for Christmas, I am glad they don't include a cheap charger and batteries. I have plenty, and would rather save the money. Many people are on their second or third (or more) digital camera by now, and I'm sure they would agree.
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