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Default Buying Advice Sony vs. Olympus

Need some advice in purchasing first digital camera.

Choices are between Olympus C-4000 and Sony S85 based on research and reviews.

Need a good camera out of the box for point-n-shoot to start. Important that I will be able to "grow into the camera"

Will be taking indoor and outdoor shots. Have heard some stories with problems in indoor shots with the Sony

Any advice is welcome!
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I think you will find the Olympus C4000 will suit you well. macroangels posted this gallery she took with her C4000


It should give you a good idea of the camera's ability.
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I have no experience with the sony, but i have shot roughly 2.500 photos with my olympus c3000 ( same as the 4000 minus the extra 1mp).
Very nice camera! I come from a pro SLR and medium format film cameras and settled into the ergonomics of the olympus very quickly.
All personal feelings and choices aside, here is what i think about the olympus in terms of performance: Very reliable exposures under very diverse lighting conditions with an excellent metering system. Very wide zone latitude from dark to light and great optics. On the downside, here are the fallouts: long "turn-on-to-shot" time, slow noisy and impresice (read: not delicate) zoom and substantial shutter lag time. Not the camera of choice for fast shooting like sports, or even my 11 month old son when he's hyper.
I have had GREAT success in shooting low, available light shots with this camera.
hope this helps a bit.
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